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Hello all. I went through surgery January 22, 2021. Hour late getting started. It took 4 hours. All I remember is the anesthesiologist said go to my happy place. He said good bye and I woke up when it was all over.   I was in hospital Friday and Saturday nights and they sent me home Sunday. At this point the surgery is successful.  I follow up on Feb 4th for xrays and instructions.  I have a lozenge in my mouth. Still feel like I am cheating,  but it's helping me not puff.  I had 4 vertebrae removed and a plate put in to fuse. At this point I don't have a floppy head lol. I am very tired, and in pain at times. I am  not allowed  to lift more than 5 lbs. I pretty much sit and lie down to sleep. So I will keep on keeping on. My quit date is January 16. Good for me. I will keep in touch. Until next time stay safe.  

NEWBIE 10 Days.