Today is my quit day...

Discussion created by kailir93 on Jan 25, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2021 by smiling_accountant

I told myself i was going to quit vaping today. i want to, i really do. every time i buy a new pack of pods, i tell myself, “this is the last pack”, but that’s never been the case. i want to quit because i want to live a healthier lifestyle. i want to quit because i want to save the $22 that i spend on pods each time. i want to quit so i can stop feeling shameful of my habit. if i’m being completely honest with myself, i’m scared to quit. i know quitting isn’t gonna kill me, but i’m scared of the withdrawal symptoms. i’ve read online that withdrawal comes with symptoms of depression and anxiety. it’s the depression and anxiety that i’m terrified of. i’ve been in and out of counseling since i was 15 (i’m 20 now, soon to be 21). i’ve always struggled with my depression and anxiety even before i started vaping and i’m terrified the struggle will be worse following nicotine withdrawal. i want to quit but i’m struggling to find the strength within myself to do so. i’ve kept my nicotine habits a secret for so long. i’m worried i’ll feel extra irritated with people and when they ask why that is, i don’t want to say it’s because i’m going through nicotine withdrawal because everyone in my life would be surprised by it and i’m afraid to disappoint people. i want to quit.