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Are these withdrawal symptoms normal?

Question asked by Ljet3245 on Jan 5, 2021
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Hello, I was up to a full pack per day for past 3 years (ecigs prior for 5-6 years). I just quit on Dec 26th, 2020 and smoked only one each morning and one at bedtime for first 5 days.  I used Step 1 nicotine patches rest of day.  Threw away rest of that pack away on day 6 and decided to use patches only from time I wake until bedtime when I remove it, so been TOBACCO FREE 5 DAYS now, with patches. I am in so much pain!!! Chest pain (bad, tight, feels like pulled muscles in rib cage), congestion, headaches, feet tingling here and there, dizziness few times, ANXIETY and INSOMNIA (less than 2-3 hours per night of sleep).  I want to sleep so badly!!  Been quarantined for months now and COVID free (have chronic lyme disease).  Been using a medical detox used for lyme.  Has anyone else experienced withdrawals THIS bad???  I'm really struggling and my doc seems to think this is NORMAL for some odd reason?  Please help.  Seemed much easier to just smoke!  Is this really normal?  How long does this last if so???