Try to better my health in more ways than 1

Discussion created by Metalhead1998 on Aug 3, 2020
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Hi everyone,

Unfortunately I regressed to my old smoking habits about a month after my initial quit. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic I grew bored and made a mental lapse in judgement. Good news is that is the longest I have went without smoking since I started a year ago. Recently I have been unhappy with my weight and decided to start fasting, tracking calories, and running or biking everyday. In order to get my mile time down and actually improve my health I have decided to quit again this time hopefully for good. I have been spending 15 dollars on disposable vapes for for too long and when I get home from work I plan on throwing all of them away along with my original Juul. This will be my third day without smoking and I know that once I make it 2-3 weeks again I can maintain it for good. I will be using this website more like I did when I reached my 30 day record. 


I have also begun to try and meditate in order to relax when feeling overwhelmed 


Thank you, Nick