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You may remember the title of this entry from Alice in Wonderland~ as spoken by White Rabbit~ and it just seems to fit the bill for me at this time. You see, I've had the craziest day and now at 10:30 PM I am finally getting to my e-mails and the EX site. I have missed my usual morning "date" with the EX.

But I want to be sure I post my stats and my commitment to stay quit. 

I'm going to change the routine a bit by taking the hand of someone in particular to make my formal pledge to not smoke today because I have missed her and I see she has returned to the site. And so, I take your hand PastTense and agree with you to not smoke even one little puff today.

I also want to shout out that today is my 87th day fully- free of cigarettes; that means I have not smoked a total of 1,305 cigarettes since my current quit on January 6, 2020.

That doesn't mean that I'm free from cravings, because I'm not. And, it doesn't mean I am happy about the additional 5# that I've gained, because I'm not.

But, it does mean that I am sticking with my plan to live a cigarette-free life... In order to help me prevent having a stroke.... And, well, to just smell better....

 I also want to share just a little bit of humor for those reading this little note that speaks of how my life has changed during these times of peril:

Yup, that was me at the cashier's counter!


Stay tobacco free, healthy and happy.