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Cut chantix pill in half?

Question asked by Samanthaeve on Dec 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2021 by KellanC74

Restarting chantix/ cutting pill in half?

has anyone ever done this successfully?

insurance  won’t cover another starter pack..

i stopped taking chantix into the second month because the nausea was crippling!

anyway- I was able to tolerate the half dose they start you off with without any problems.

however- I can’t find anything conclusive online from folks that have cut the pill in half with no ill effects .

 Naturally I consulted the Chantix website and they tell you to NOT cut the pill in half .

i also did a google search and came up with someone asking the same question about halving the 1 mg pill...

advice from other forum members was to go ahead and score the pill.

i don’t trust it...

but I DO trust the experienced folks here.

any advice or do I have to spring for the 500 bucks monthly price?

mall advice/ experiences appreciated.