EX 6.1 Destination

Poll created by Strudel on Nov 1, 2017

Laura and Kathy have reviewed the various blogs about EX6. The 2 top choices during discussion for a place for the next EX gathering were the Pensacola Beach area of Florida and a cruise


You are not making a commitment to attend EX 6 by voting - but, please be at least seriously considering attending before you vote! Thanks! 


Details about each -


Choice #1 - Pensacola Beach area, Florida - Hotel prices will be approximately $150 per night - which can be shared if you want to. (There may be other hotel options for more or less....More info to come after place choice is made.) In past years most folks have arrived on Thursday or Friday and stayed until Sunday or Monday. But, you can certainly do your own thing!) 

Please see comments from Marilyn_marmac_07-31-13 below about Pensacola area.


Choice #2 - Cruise - Sailing out of Miami, FL - on a Thursday and returning on Monday. Prices range from $400 - $470 - double occupancy - so, you would be sharing a room. That is for an interior room. It includes food and entertainment - but not alcohol or casino. Thanks to our dear Tommy for this info! Cruise would either be to 

COZUMEL, MEXICO or NASSAU, THE BAHAMAS depending on dates. Cruise is with Carnival Cruise Line. 

**Update - Tommy's comments re: passports and payment:

"Passports are recommended, but not required! The main reason to have it is that if you have a medical emergency, having a passport would make it easier to fly back into the country!
With a cruise they normally require that you pay 50% at the time of booking and the balance 75 Days before sailing."


Dates - EX6.1 will most likely take place in April or May, 2018. We will take a vote on the exact dates after determining the place. Plus there will be more details once we know which destination is the most popular. 


EX 6.2 - Thanks to Skygirl, we are also planning an EX gathering on the West Coast - most likely in California! More info on that to come!! 


The poll will be open for 10 days. 

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  • EX 6.1 - Pensacola Beach area, Florida - 3+ days depending on your schedule (See details.)
  • EX 6.1 - 4 night cruise sailing out of Miami, Florida (See details.) (top voted)