Do/did you smoke menthol or regular cigarettes?

Poll created by Giulia Champion on May 4, 2017

Dr. Hays just put out a blog It is time to stop putting Menthol in cigarettes   about Menthol cigarettes and I was curious to get feedback from those currently active on the site.  Hence this poll.  He said:   "Prevalence of menthol cigarette smokers is higher among African-Americans, younger, and female smokers."  So I'm just curious as to what you all say. Especially interested in those within the group he mentioned.  I'm in that group because I'm a  woman but smoked regular cigarettes, so I don't fit into that "menthol prevalence" category.  How many of you others do or don't?  

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  • I smoke/smoked menthol cigarettes
  • I smoke/smoked regular cigarettes