Insidious big tobacco aka why does smoking look cool?

Blog Post created by Craymira on Jan 22, 2021

It’s day 23 of my quit. I’m ok. Still having cravings, mostly when I’m bored or restless. Or I see something completely unbelievable like this on TV.

So, my fiancé and I are watching a documentary about flying saucers on the discovery channel. Mike Wallace was interviewing someone or other. This was 1954ish. So Mike Wallace says, “I’m Mike Wallace, and the cigarette is (name of brand).”

He shows the burning cigarette he has in his hand! Seriously?! And yes, it made me want one. It also reminded me how completely evil the cigarette companies are! I know everyone smoked then. 
It reminded me that my Dad told me years ago that all the film noirs where the femme fatales look so cool lighting a cigarette. Or the hard boiled detective smoking. And pretty much every movie especially from 30’s -50’s It was just product placement.
Let me repeat that. IT WAS JUST PRODUCT PLACEMENT!! That means the images that we thought were so cool, that we aspired to look like, the rebellious feeling was just a ploy. And in the 90’s- today the directors of the same type of movies just have their characters smoking. To set a tone. To look cool. Do they know it was a ploy? I doubt it. The damage has been done. 
It makes me hate them even more. 
especially since I want a cigarette.