Blog Post created by Cousin-Itt on Sep 19, 2020

   I spent sometime yesterday walking at a new place Fernald Preserve.  As I was walking I started o think about my quit in relation to the land I was walking upon

  Fernald was a Uranium Processing Facility for the United States Nuclear weapons program during the Cold War. It was closed in 1989 after 37 years of operation. 37 years of slowly killing and poisoning Mother Earth Body. The land was almost dead No animals could be found upon the land  No birds would land upon it's waters. 

  Almost the same amount of time I poisoned my body from smoking, Yes I was slowly killing and poisoning my body,

Just like the land and water at Fernald My life my heart, my lungs were damaged and in the same way almost to the point of death

  I'm happy to say after a 4.4 billion dollar cleanup Fernald This area Mother Earth again is full of life, from deer and coyote in the field to birds in the trees and ponds. Just like me after paying my medical bills my lungs my heart my life is better. Yes from now on we Fernald and I have to be monitored  Fernald by Environmental Scientist  Me by my Doctors

I can tell you this is the best I felt since I quit smoking and it keeps getting better, and I'm sure Mother Earth at Fernald feels the same.

  Today Joyce and I will take a 25 minute So we be walk at Fernald Preserve on a trail along the wetlands 

  IT's Not Too Late It's Never Too Late To Stop Poisoning Yourself or Mother Earth

  For those of you interested Here is a little story about Fernald Preserve



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