7 Months + 1 and a Winter Storm Coming

Blog Post created by Cat_Mom_Jen on Jan 23, 2021

Good evening everyone,


I had a lot of fun reading everyone's comments to elvan.  Thank you all for celebrating her with me!  I also want to thank you all for celebrating me yesterday!


We are expecting a winter storm to arrive in our area Monday afternoon.  My family and I live in the area where four to seven inches of snow is expected.  Yesterday I talked to my boss about my coworker and I leaving early Monday.  She told me that she will send us home before the winter storm reaches our area.  It takes me fifty minutes to get to work one way on a good day.



I feel ok about Monday, but Tuesday is a different story.  The winter storm is not supposed to end until the morning hours.  My husband is off work that day and has suggested that I stay home.  It is very tempting because I have a lot of vacation days to use.  I am saving my PTO days.  It would also be the perfect day to stay inside with my family.


No matter what happens next week, I will not smoke.  I used to chain smoke while driving in bad weather.  You would think that I was distracted!


Have you all already had winter storms in your area this season (those of you who have seasons)?


I will keep you all posted.  I hope you all are healthy and safe.




Holden watching something behind me. 1-5-21

Pictured is Holden watching something behind me. 1-5-21