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I smoked a pack a day for 30 years! Today is my 9 year anniversary! That's 3,285 days without a butt! That's 65,700 butts not smoked! That's $22,595.00 Saved!  Put that in a pipe and smoke it!  If I can do this you can too. I want to pass on lessons learned/hints to others who may be new and early in their quit. It worked for me, it can work for… (Show more)
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Click to view contentConsidering February is the shortest month of the year, it sure does have a lot of holidays! Chinese New Year National Freedom Day Groundhog Day Valentine’s Day President’s Day Mardi Gras My birthday My son’s birthday Ash Wednesday Black History Month American Heart Month Chocolate Lover’s Month National Bird Feeding Month National Dental Month… (Show more)
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So how many on here have a Husband, Wife Partner, Significant Other that is still smoking and it doesn't effect your Quit.  Does it bother you or not?  Do Yall talk about it or not? Did they try or say they Quit and didn't? How does this make U feel? I'm curious.  
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I can’t go into every detail because it would be 63 years of my sister’s existence.  She has been a problem all that time.  I have stressed for a few nights because she wants to live with me when I get back in PA, but I cannot allow it.  My sister has a gambling problem for 6 years and she has been on disability for many years along with working… (Show more)
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For Wayne and I shouting our stats in the beginning was a great way to stay motivated  in those hard days and moments. So what are your stats??   Ours are 444 days quit, 26664 unsmoked death sticks, saved a ton of cash, and time added to our life
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Click to view contentWARNING:  Some judgement ahead. Don't read this if you don't want my opinions.   I quit three times in my life.  The first time, I was in my early 20s, and I lasted a year before I got cocky and lit a cigarette for someone just to see if I could. Yes I could! And then I smoked a pack a day for the next 20 years.   The second time, in my 40s, was… (Show more)
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We challenge you to respond! Reply by Email or login and comment with your Days of Freedom. Let's show the world that we've overcome or will overcome and not let nicotine win.    It appears that you've reached the milestones listed below based on the quit date that is appearing on the site. Please login and say hello!   Congrats on your progress… (Show more)
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I have been doing a great deal of thinking about shame and the power it has on influencing our thoughts and how it can sabotage us, when we are trying to make changes.  I once heard shame described as “one of the most corrosive human emotions.” When shame gets in our head our self-talk turns to, “I am a failure,” “I am flawed,” “I am unlovable,”… (Show more)
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Hi,     Happy Thursday!!  How’s it going?  Good I hope.  The medical supplies came yesterday.  I didn’t have to wait in the lobby to long.  Church was a good time last night.     How is your new life without cigarettes doing?  It’s something huh?  No more always smelling like smoke.  No more sneaking off for a cigarette!!  Life is a grand time!!… (Show more)
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Suspect Arrested in Fatal Shooting of Deli Worker Killed Over Cigarette Dispute – NBC New York      Over a loosey (loosie) cigg, out here they sell them to people who cant afford a pack.I'm sure they do that in other states as well. Like any other drug, they kill over it. Terrible and so young. RIP and i feel for his family
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“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” -Theodore Roosevelt   I joined EX after few days of my quit. Means, I was suffering initial days of quitting, cravings, fear, sleepless nights etc., and I joined this excellent EX.   Looking at EX site, people here, their pics etc, I used to feel, that whether I can quit smoking like these stalwarts?… (Show more)
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