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I’m up in the middle of the night again. I’ve been quit for 32 days. Could I still be having withdrawal symptoms?
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Click to view content   I spent sometime yesterday walking at a new place Fernald Preserve.  As I was walking I started o think about my quit in relation to the land I was walking upon   Fernald was a Uranium Processing Facility for the United States Nuclear weapons program during the Cold War. It was closed in 1989 after 37 years of operation. 37 years of slowly… (Show more)
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   Here's the rules...  When a newbie (non smoker with less than a year of smobriety) posts, they add +2 to the number...    When an Elder (non smoker with more than a year of smobreity) posts they add -1 to the number    You have to wait until someone else posts before you can post again      When either +20 or -20 is reached then that team wins… (Show more)
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Went to the car to get groceries. Found loose cigarette in trunk. Smoked halfway. Guilt was too much.

Squished it like a bug. Think there’s lots of bugs out there. Kevin 
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This is my first full day without a cigarette. I had a few really strong cravings throughout the day and I read blogs on becomeanEX to help me get through them. There are loads of tips and information that really helped me. My first question, is it true that the 3 day is the toughest? My next question is tiredness, when does that begin and end?  … (Show more)
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Good morning all, here I go again. I am not getting down on myself for this being my third try, I am staying positive and getting this done!!! I hate the feeling of quitting hanging over my head so it is time to tackle this full force once and for all! I am 100% committed to this quit. I had 20 days in the first time around and relapsed. This time… (Show more)
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I really don't think that number would bother me if I had not spent a year plus losing 20 pounds.  I know what I am doing wrong, but it is yet another addiction and I know better than to take on more than one of those at a time.  I have a problem than has been out of my control all my life.  I was not smoking when I lost the 20 pounds, but had the… (Show more)
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I just came home from the cardiologist. My heart is 100% AOK! All I have is high cholesterol. My COPD is being managed well. I use 3liters O2 24/7. Still I can hold down a job and adore my family. Miss Penny is now 4 and Tahlia is 3 - my goodness, how they have grown! Their dad is 34 and his brother is 39. All healthy, happy, and prosperous.  I… (Show more)
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'The original idea was to "get moving" at least 4 times a week, staying accountable to each other.  Post your accomplishments in the comments. This is the original blog link if you would like to clarify the guidelines . Let's Get Moving Challenge.   Any activity counts, as long as you get off your butt and get your heart pumping.  Who knows,… (Show more)
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What do people do when reading on here?  Do u just go to conversations?
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My body is telling my mind I can't breathe.  That I need a cigarette to breathe.  Has anyone else experienced this?  It's driving me nuts.  And honestly, it's a little scary.  I take deep breaths and tell my mind it's my body having another one of it's childish fits for taking away the cigarettes.  This morning it was exceptionally hard.  This is… (Show more)
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