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Good morning all, here I go again. I am not getting down on myself for this being my third try, I am staying positive and getting this done!!! I hate the feeling of quitting hanging over my head so it is time to tackle this full force once and for all! I am 100% committed to this quit. I had 20 days in the first time around and relapsed. This time

I am normally quite passive I'm very rarely aggressive BUT since I quit smoking 2,263 days agoI have to say I'm definitely more assertive instead of shoving down my emotions with the cancer sticks I try to speak my thoughts anyway obviously I should've pushed my Drs secretary last Wednesday instead of waiting until today to see if I could talk to
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You could say that I’m just another entry in the one puff files.    Tuesday the 15th was birthday- 46 days free and I decided to treat myself with “just one” vape. Six days later it’s been one every single day. I failed.  I’m back to the day ones and days threes... and all the pain I endured to get