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Good morning all, here I go again. I am not getting down on myself for this being my third try, I am staying positive and getting this done!!! I hate the feeling of quitting hanging over my head so it is time to tackle this full force once and for all! I am 100% committed to this quit. I had 20 days in the first time around and relapsed. This time… (Show more)
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Click to view contentI am normally quite passive I'm very rarely aggressive BUT since I quit smoking 2,263 days agoI have to say I'm definitely more assertive instead of shoving down my emotions with the cancer sticks I try to speak my thoughts anyway obviously I should've pushed my Drs secretary last Wednesday instead of waiting until today to see if I could talk to… (Show more)
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The 21st night of September?       Earth, Wind & Fire - September (Official Video) - YouTube        Something to get stuck in your head today       Have a great smoke free day everyone
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Click to view contentGood morning everyone!   It has been a while since I posted, so I wanted to give you all an update.   Hope is fully recovered.  She is back to her energetic self.  Cheddar missed playing with her, and Holden missed sleeping by her.   I have been smoke free for 91 days.  Recent events have kept me very busy while being in No Man's Land.   I am… (Show more)
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Click to view contentI posted this as well in the get moving group but also wanted to share with those who don't come to the group . The double post is intentional .  I have made a few changes for the blog  .  Yesterday and the day before I walked almost the entire day . Of course stops but just short ones . The trails and paths were a delight , they were new to me… (Show more)
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I will start with 2 poster will carry on using the last word first, and so on....    (Remember... last word first!)   Example:     In crowd   Crowd control   Control freak   Ok, I'll start with -   Blue moon
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I’m up in the middle of the night again. I’ve been quit for 32 days. Could I still be having withdrawal symptoms?
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Click to view content   I spent sometime yesterday walking at a new place Fernald Preserve.  As I was walking I started o think about my quit in relation to the land I was walking upon   Fernald was a Uranium Processing Facility for the United States Nuclear weapons program during the Cold War. It was closed in 1989 after 37 years of operation. 37 years of slowly… (Show more)
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