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Good morning EXErs   My brother called me last night and told me Mom passed away at 9:00 last night. She’s finished with having bad days. She turned ninety last December, so that a full life.  I will be checking in later. Enjoy your smoke free Saturday  Pops w/178 DOF

Ok.  So he's my deal.  My struggle.  I wasn't a major smoker,  about a pack every 3 days.  I'm telling myself I'm being stupid trying to make it through these thoughts and cravings when I'm a g a.w. and can smoke if I want to.  Losing site of benefits and reasons...  Why am I putting myself through this needless
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Only by God's grace I remain a NON SMOKER - filled the extra time picking out different hobbies in 3333 DAYS of living joy filled NON SMOKER DAYS and thanking MY God for HIS love mercy and grace in MY Lord Jesus name amen - please take what HELPS and let go of the rest - to be HELPFUL is MY only aim - thank you -  TODAY I am hand sewing a
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Smoking will Kill You. If U Conrinue to smoke.  Some people have C.O.P.D,Bronchitis, Lung Cancer, Asma.  I've heard some say even if u Quit you may develop C.O.P.D later. Even if u have Any of these Issues U can live a Very Healthy Life. With excerize and comment to NOPE.  I was experiencing Shortness of breath and it's gone after
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I'm 24 days smoke free after 45 years. I'm using the patch. I find myself crying a lot lately, more now than in the beginning. I feel if I just go ahead and smoke it will stop, but I medically have to stay a non smoker this time. Does anyone have any advice for me?  sorry if this is repeating from the community page, i'm new and put it over