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Covid and Nicotine free. 70 Degrees and i felt like i could've kept going     I have to get back to running everyday to drop the 10 lbs i gained       NOPE every day

    HOLD ON   A blog I wrote nine years ago, spurred on by another member’s blog is still relevant today, I think.   How Deep is Your Commitment?  Ironically this person relinquished her quit after five years because she was drinking and a friend offered her a cigarette. Even long-term quits are
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I woke up in a panic that I could not find my cigarettes.  I feel kind of scared.  They were my constant companion.  Always there.  I feel scared that I might not succeed, I feel scared not having that companion, I feel scared I might take up the vape again.  I just feel...not only scared but kind of lost.  What is my
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   I spent sometime yesterday walking at a new place Fernald Preserve.  As I was walking I started o think about my quit in relation to the land I was walking upon   Fernald was a Uranium Processing Facility for the United States Nuclear weapons program during the Cold War. It was closed in 1989 after 37 years of operation. 37