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I am sure most of you are sick of talking about this pandemic, I am just as sick of it as everyone else.  I am MORE sick of the blatant disregard for our fellow humans, those who have compromised health and those who need assistance.  I am sickened by the lack of any toilet paper at any store, brick and mortar or on line.  I cannot

A friend has died. I knew it would happen eventually. Doesn't make it any easier.   My smoking urges are as strong as they were when I quit 468 days ago, including my clenched teeth that I experienced in the early days of my quit. I WILL NOT SMOKE. I want to make that clear. But it's just shocking how the underlying stress I didn't even
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In the past approximately three weeks, many, many others.....have been: >Scared >Frustrated >Confused >Sad >Worried >Angry >And yes sometimes.....................BORED!   However, for all of our new quitters who are wondering if they will ever, ever, ever not think about smoking.....I can ASSURE YOU