• Hi my name is Julie

    Hi my name is Julie and I’m a smoker. As soon as I roll out of bed in the morning I am thinking about cigarettes. I usually have coffee then smoke one. I’m wearing a patch so I went from a pack a day to 3-...
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  • Friends of Q and friends of New

    Not sure what's come over me , but have been thinking this evening of our dear Quitnet .  I love this place as well , it's really been amazing and welcoming , I feel at home here , but something just has me thin...
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  • 6 year anniversary

    March 4th, 2020,  6 years smoke free
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  • I’m Back!

    So I have been a quintet member since 2006.  I log in once or twice a year....especially around my Anniversary.  Today I tried to log in and lo and behold no quit net.  Bummer.     So. Quit Da...
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  • Tips for the Newly Quit

    Celtic Crone - Oldie but a Goodie! Quitnet 5/16/02 11:04:35 PM Here are my tips for the newly quit:   1. Remove all firearms, ammunition, archery equipment, power tools, kitchen utensils, golf clubs or other d...
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  • The Quit Kit

    THE QUIT KIT   It isn't a matter of just slapping on a patch or chewing some nic gum. Every behavior you can think of is tied to your smoking. We smoked because we were happy, sad, mad, hurt, tired, sick, bored....
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    k, so after 30+ years of smoking I am not on day 11 of not smoking. Patches, gum, blueberries, distractions and supportive texts are working. I am bound and determined to do this forever. I have a plan for my son in l...
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  • My Q family

    Hi my Q family, I'm so glad to see familiar faces I made it over, don't know what I'm doing yet. Lots of learning to do. Give me strength to make it through this last day of Quitnet
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  • Lost with out the Q!

    Damn I’m lost already!    
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  • Just One

    Just one. Oh I know better. I've read it a hundred times now here. I tell myself I'll never break the "just one" rule. I know better, right? So, I didn't. But it was there. The thought. Fleeting but there. Jun...
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  • Tomorrow Bittersweet

    Tomorrow Bittersweet as we started this non-smoking journey on another location called Quitnet (formerly the Q) Now that location is permanently closing tomorrow as of 9 am EST.  I know there are a lot of new f...
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  • 1,247

    !,247 days will be my total a the Q when they flip the switch.  I went from a You have to be kidding I have to do this BS to save money on my wife's company insurance. To I started reading post and using the tip...
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  • Don't Give Up

    Don't Give Up!   I think about the song from Peter Gabriel and no matter how life can be bleak at times we choose our destiny or journey. Here's a passage taken from his song:   Don't give up'Cause you hav...
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  • 26 days Quit

    still not SMOKING 26 days ,and going GREAT! I had a rufe day a couple of days ago ,I bured a friend and on the way to the funeral  I had the worst craving I've ever had.  I've been chewing gum ,but that wasn...
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  • Threw away my vapor

    I threw away my vapor! I wasn't gonna try to smash it or anything the like because I could injure myself doing so, so into the trash it went (where I am not gonna reach into for certain) . i'm proud of myself is all I...
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    Just joined tonight.  I have been a member of the QUITNET since Oct 2001 and quit smoking on November 18, 2001.  I hope to be able to help as many people quit or stay quit as possible.  Call on me for h...
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