The Quit Kit

Blog Post created by aolski on Jan 14, 2020



It isn't a matter of just slapping on a patch or chewing some nic gum. Every behavior you can think of is tied to your smoking. We smoked because we were happy, sad, mad, hurt, tired, sick, bored...etc. You need to replace those habits. Take a day to make a plan.


We call it a Quit Kit. It can be anything you want. Get creative and really think about it. Some things folks have used is nicotine gum. You can buy regular gum the same size, color and flavor so you can go back and forth between the two. If you are using the patch, make sure you have an extra patch in the office, in your purse, or in your wallet, for those days when you have forgotten to put one on in the morning. It happens more than you think! Have lozenges available for those high stress / high craving times.


Have some Red Vines to 'smoke'. Or a cut up a straw into thirds...especially during high trigger times like driving. Sometimes it feels good to just hold if you are accustomed to always having a smoke in your hand. Grab your favorite CDs or tapes to put in your car so you can put one in and sing out loud. My favorite was dancing and singing at the same time. Your brain cannot do a 3rd thing, so thinking about smoking just disappears. :-)


To keep your mind and hands busy, go to Michael's or some other craft store and look for things to do. Buy something that interests you; rug hooking kits, scrapbooking stuff, or Christmas stocking kits for the grandkids. Or, get some coloring books and colored pencils or felt tip pens. Stained glass, floral, tropical fish or Native American motif coloring books are available everywhere now. They make you want to do a good job. LOL! Dora the Explorer would make me want to scribble on her face. :-O


Make a list of everything that needs to be done, or you want to do around the house. Go through each room and write down everything from cleaning out drawers and closets to painting, rearranging or redecorating. Same with the garage and yard work. Once you have your list, break it down into 5-15 minutes segments so nothing becomes overwhelming.


Make baggies of crunchy foods to satisfy your mouth so they are at work and handy to grab. Carrots, celery, chex mix, pretzel sticks (you can hold those like a cig), gum, etc. They need to be ready to just grab at any given time.


This is important!!!! The 3 Post Rule: When you are craving and really shaky, post and click the “I'm craving and need some help” box. Wait for at least 3 response posts before you make a decision to purchase cigarettes or to smoke. Most times, you will be fine once you read the posts (keeps you from dwelling). If again and wait for 3 more.


Once you have all these things figured out you will be well prepared to handle anything and you don't even have to think...just look at your list.. Keep 1 copy at work, 1 at home, 1 in your purse or wallet, 1 in the car.


If you did one day, you can do 2. If you did 3, you can do one more. No future tripping. You can't do a darn thing about tomorrow until it gets here. Today is a good time to quit but if you feel you can't, then take tomorrow to put together your Quit Kit and quit the day after. Don't set a quit date out there for 2 weeks, 1 month, etc. All you do is make yourself crazy in your head by stressing over that date. You know you can do this.