Tomorrow Bittersweet

Blog Post created by Gail561 on Jan 5, 2020

Tomorrow Bittersweet as we started this non-smoking journey on another location called Quitnet (formerly the Q)

Now that location is permanently closing tomorrow as of 9 am EST. 

I know there are a lot of new faces here and some from the q is here as well.

A time of learning and adapting to changes beyond our control.

The bittersweet is because we became friends and helped each other on our journeys.

Now some of these friends and quit buddies are separating and going different ways.

My quit itself is strong and want to be able to support others in this journey as well.

I have learned there is a lot more to life than watching the ashes fall to the ground.

I can breathe better and can walk a bit better than I could previously.

I am sad that I can no longer visit that location but glad I have another place to turn to.

May we always find strength in each other - no matter where we started our journey from.