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Hi my name is Julie

Posted by Juliejules2456 Sep 17, 2020

Hi my name is Julie and I’m a smoker. As soon as I roll out of bed in the morning I am thinking about cigarettes. I usually have coffee then smoke one. I’m wearing a patch so I went from a pack a day to 3-4 cigarettes a day but I am having the hardest time completely quitting. It’s almost as if I’m a professional quitter where I buy patches, swear to stop smoking, stop for a few days (sometimes) but I always go back. I always need a few drags and go back to being a full time smoker in no time. I’m come to the conclusion that I can never touch another cigarette again but I think that I would go crazy from the cravings. I’m supposed to start working soon and I know that smoking is no longer socially acceptable. I’m really mad and it’s so hard to have these strong cravings and not reach for a cigarette. I’m also feeling really mad that I’m not beating this addiction after trying countless times. I want to scream and vent. I don’t know why my body wants these cigarettes so bad that I feel that I can’t do this. I’ve read Allen Carr’s book twice and I keep forgetting everything in it. I’ve written down reasons to quit just to walk right by them on my way to smoke. I don’t even know if never having a cigarette is even going to work for me, I see myself going crazy with cravings and running to the gas station at 3am. Thanks for reading my blog. 

Not sure what's come over me , but have been thinking this evening of our dear Quitnet . 

I love this place as well , it's really been amazing and welcoming , I feel at home here , but something just has me thinking of many a dear Quitnet friend tonight . I wonder how they are doing , are they still quit , have those who relapsed now got stable quits ? Those that just started as the Q was closing its doors do they have months quit now ?  Are those who were sick feeling better, those who really had difficult times is their life easier now ? They are family , quit family . You can't help but miss them , you can't help but remember them .

Always in my heart and dearly missed . 


(((((( (Q hugs )))))))


6 year anniversary

Posted by JulieSw Mar 5, 2020

March 4th, 2020,  6 years smoke free


Tips for the Newly Quit

Posted by aolski Jan 28, 2020

Celtic Crone - Oldie but a Goodie! Quitnet 5/16/02 11:04:35 PM

Here are my tips for the newly quit:


1. Remove all firearms, ammunition, archery equipment, power tools, kitchen utensils, golf clubs or other dangerous items from your home. For their own protection, young children and incontinent pets should also be removed, if possible.


2.During the first 5-14 days of your quit, you will notice an improvement in your sense of smell. This change may be sudden and dramatic. You may want to avoid any areas known for strong odors during this time. You may also discover that your home is one of those areas. Allow 1-3 hours per day for scrubbing an obscure corner of your home in an effort to remove the mystery smell.


3. One effective technique for reducing stress is the recitation of a mantra. Your mantra for the next few weeks will be: "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean that. I just quit smoking."


4. If you drink the recommended 8 glasses of water each day, you will need to remain within 150 feet of a lavatory during the first 3 weeks of your quit.


5. Many cessation experts recommend you keep a diary of your experience as you quit. A written record of your inability to control your emotions, words and actions may be useful later on during any criminal or civil proceedings. You may also want to discuss with your attorney which homicidal or other violent fantasies about your spouse, employer or local politician should not be recorded in that journal.


6. Many people find driving a car is a major trigger of smoking urges. If it is practical, you may want to consider using public transportation during the early part of your quit. If you must drive, carry gum, mints, cassette tapes of soothing music, a small rubber ball to squeeze in one hand, extra Kleenex for crying jags, a roll of duct tape for swearing jags, and extra toll fare change in the event that your aim is affected by the spasmodic trembling in your hands. Again, all firearms should be removed from the vehicle. You may also want to keep your journal handy to hand to the highway patrol officer in the event of an accident or traffic offense, since uncontrollable sobbing may prevent you from speaking clearly at that moment.


7. Whatever you do, DO NOT LOSE YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR.


The Quit Kit

Posted by aolski Jan 14, 2020



It isn't a matter of just slapping on a patch or chewing some nic gum. Every behavior you can think of is tied to your smoking. We smoked because we were happy, sad, mad, hurt, tired, sick, bored...etc. You need to replace those habits. Take a day to make a plan.


We call it a Quit Kit. It can be anything you want. Get creative and really think about it. Some things folks have used is nicotine gum. You can buy regular gum the same size, color and flavor so you can go back and forth between the two. If you are using the patch, make sure you have an extra patch in the office, in your purse, or in your wallet, for those days when you have forgotten to put one on in the morning. It happens more than you think! Have lozenges available for those high stress / high craving times.


Have some Red Vines to 'smoke'. Or a cut up a straw into thirds...especially during high trigger times like driving. Sometimes it feels good to just hold if you are accustomed to always having a smoke in your hand. Grab your favorite CDs or tapes to put in your car so you can put one in and sing out loud. My favorite was dancing and singing at the same time. Your brain cannot do a 3rd thing, so thinking about smoking just disappears. :-)


To keep your mind and hands busy, go to Michael's or some other craft store and look for things to do. Buy something that interests you; rug hooking kits, scrapbooking stuff, or Christmas stocking kits for the grandkids. Or, get some coloring books and colored pencils or felt tip pens. Stained glass, floral, tropical fish or Native American motif coloring books are available everywhere now. They make you want to do a good job. LOL! Dora the Explorer would make me want to scribble on her face. :-O


Make a list of everything that needs to be done, or you want to do around the house. Go through each room and write down everything from cleaning out drawers and closets to painting, rearranging or redecorating. Same with the garage and yard work. Once you have your list, break it down into 5-15 minutes segments so nothing becomes overwhelming.


Make baggies of crunchy foods to satisfy your mouth so they are at work and handy to grab. Carrots, celery, chex mix, pretzel sticks (you can hold those like a cig), gum, etc. They need to be ready to just grab at any given time.


This is important!!!! The 3 Post Rule: When you are craving and really shaky, post and click the “I'm craving and need some help” box. Wait for at least 3 response posts before you make a decision to purchase cigarettes or to smoke. Most times, you will be fine once you read the posts (keeps you from dwelling). If again and wait for 3 more.


Once you have all these things figured out you will be well prepared to handle anything and you don't even have to think...just look at your list.. Keep 1 copy at work, 1 at home, 1 in your purse or wallet, 1 in the car.


If you did one day, you can do 2. If you did 3, you can do one more. No future tripping. You can't do a darn thing about tomorrow until it gets here. Today is a good time to quit but if you feel you can't, then take tomorrow to put together your Quit Kit and quit the day after. Don't set a quit date out there for 2 weeks, 1 month, etc. All you do is make yourself crazy in your head by stressing over that date. You know you can do this.


Lost with out the Q!

Posted by BobKatt22 Jan 11, 2020

Damn I’m lost already!    


Tomorrow Bittersweet

Posted by Gail561 Jan 5, 2020

Tomorrow Bittersweet as we started this non-smoking journey on another location called Quitnet (formerly the Q)

Now that location is permanently closing tomorrow as of 9 am EST. 

I know there are a lot of new faces here and some from the q is here as well.

A time of learning and adapting to changes beyond our control.

The bittersweet is because we became friends and helped each other on our journeys.

Now some of these friends and quit buddies are separating and going different ways.

My quit itself is strong and want to be able to support others in this journey as well.

I have learned there is a lot more to life than watching the ashes fall to the ground.

I can breathe better and can walk a bit better than I could previously.

I am sad that I can no longer visit that location but glad I have another place to turn to.

May we always find strength in each other - no matter where we started our journey from.


My Q family

Posted by TanyaT Jan 5, 2020

Hi my Q family, I'm so glad to see familiar faces I made it over, don't know what I'm doing yet. Lots of learning to do. Give me strength to make it through this last day of Quitnet



Posted by Cousin-Itt Jan 4, 2020

!,247 days will be my total a the Q when they flip the switch. 

I went from a You have to be kidding I have to do this BS to save money on my wife's company insurance. To I started reading post and using the tips that others quitters shared My time and participation increased Other quitters reached out and welcomed me to where I'm at today. I have shared my life with the people on the Q My sadness and death to my happiness and birth of BB. I shared my little trips with my wife I shared my family and granddaughter At the closing of the Q I will be losing good friends who shared and saved my life The Q was beyond a smoking cessation site. It will be a sad day


Don't Give Up

Posted by Gail561 Jan 4, 2020

Don't Give Up!


I think about the song from Peter Gabriel and no matter how life can be bleak at times we choose our destiny or journey. Here's a passage taken from his song:


Don't give up
'Cause you have friends
Don't give up
You're not beaten yet
Don't give up
I know you can make it good


The one thing we do have here and in our 3D world are friends and family that care about us. Hey we might not get along all the time and that's okay.... We struggle with staying away from nicotine addiction as it's all around us. We choose not to smoke and let others be. That is the key - we don't give up and we decide what's right for us. Join me in not giving up the fight to give yourself the best chances at life. No one knows what cards we are dealt except ourselves and how we react to them. I am not beaten yet - but I know there are things I still need to do to keep me strong and not feel weak towards the things I can't control. I may not post every day but I haven't gone back to smoking either. I know the damage it caused me and I live with it daily. I have been working truly hard to overcome the effects and be able to do things instead of being a couch potato. 


Threw away my vapor

Posted by Dani2154 Dec 15, 2019

I threw away my vapor! I wasn't gonna try to smash it or anything the like because I could injure myself doing so, so into the trash it went (where I am not gonna reach into for certain) . i'm proud of myself is all I can say!


26 days Quit

Posted by johnwaller456 Nov 25, 2019

still not SMOKING 26 days ,and going GREAT! I had a rufe day a couple of days ago ,I bured a friend and on the way to the funeral  I had the worst craving I've ever had.  I've been chewing gum ,but that wasn't going to beat its, I got my niceret lounge out prayed  And took it.  next thing you know it worked! yea!!! I still stay really busy, it works I also wear the patches  . LIFE IS GREAT BEING  SMOKE FREE PRAISE THE LORD AMEN