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Tuesday January 6th  2020 I will meet all Quitnet Members here for one big hug!!
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So I have been a quintet member since 2006.  I log in once or twice a year....especially around my Anniversary.  Today I tried to log in and lo and behold no quit net.  Bummer.     So. Quit Date:  2/7/2006 smoked 1 and 1/2 packs per day   just logged in to say thank God I quit.  14 years and not a puff.  Here’s to breathing!  #
haaahoooo! I am doing this. If I can just wait 3 min. then the craving passes and I am 'doing something' . Gum Gum Gum.....hopefully is not cheap. The money I save from buying cigs is more..... but...….Patches free, good thing, they are more expensive. I survived my inlaws  (outlaws) of various parts of the family- 3 weekends in a row ,… (Show more)
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I am SO glad I found this place! I quit back in 2004 and discovered a site called Quitnet about four or five months into my quit. I loved the site and especially loved the chat because it provided an opportunity to provide critical support in real time. But, for some reason, the "experts" at the Q felt it was no longer needed (unprofitable?) and… (Show more)
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Welcome to EX!   Introduce yourself, share your username and link to profile ( example:   from QuitNet so people know who you are (if your username changed)   We're excited to learn many new names and faces! Be sure to check out Helpful Links on the right side of QuitNet Group.   Welcome QuitNet… (Show more)
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Celtic Crone - Oldie but a Goodie! Quitnet 5/16/02 11:04:35 PM Here are my tips for the newly quit:   1. Remove all firearms, ammunition, archery equipment, power tools, kitchen utensils, golf clubs or other dangerous items from your home. For their own protection, young children and incontinent pets should also be removed, if possible.  … (Show more)
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Hooray! I found where to post! I just wanted to say hi, I'm here, I'm figuring the site out little by little Good to see you guys!
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SuzyQ411 Hi SuzyQ I was thinking about you all day yesterday.  How did the first day quit go ? Let us know...I hope you made Day 1 Day Won...~ Colleen 400 DOF 
in QuitNet
I am still “lost” on this site.  A friend here sent me a message...  Where and HOW do I get it?  I cannot seem to find a message center anywhere...
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