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Just SHARING and asking for prayers to ALL survivors of 9/11 and their families in MY Lord Jesus - I prayed this prayer -  Dear Father God - I lift up all survivors n all family who are remembering the loss of all their loved ones to be comforted today in MY Lord Jesus name amen
#Quit Prayer Quit Prayer from techy-girl z. ¬† Chris/Spuddles used to post this prayer every morning in the Positive Posting Party club. The impact the prayer made on me was HUGE. Hopefully someone will be impacted as positively by it as I have been. ¬† Thank you God ¬† that I have known ¬† This smoke-free day ¬† To call my own ¬† And… (Show more)
This is our new spot as the other got way too long.   That is kind of a good thing though....people finding a spot to get the support they need and share with the rest of us how they are working on building that love.    So, let's keep the ball rolling and join in this. Love you.....Love myself!
Make your own quotable quotes.¬† Mine follow.¬† Add yours.¬† It will help keep your mind off "you know what." ¬† Actually we're just fine - the way we are. Adhere to the positives, abstain from the negatives, allow for the possibilities Be the best that you can be - God doesn‚Äôt ask for anything more. Be who you are, because anything else is… (Show more)
A day this 24 hours ahead of me what are my thoughts focused on today? I am focused on my Higher Power who is God and the next suffering nicotine addict. My thoughts of prayer for them... my thoughts to be helpful to them... my thoughts of sharing my experience strength and hope with them. ¬†How to share taking this day a little piece at a time and… (Show more)
Just signed up for prayers for LarryG at LOGIN365 MY other support for recovering from nicotine family - just happened upon blog written for missing LarryG and praying for him - just SHARING - I do NOT know the details
¬†and good morning to everyone here - MY TOOL KIT is filled with the SUGGESTIONS given to ME by other's here years ago - in the BEGINNING - stay close and blog BEFORE I take that first puff over ME - wait for the HELP to come - next TOOL SUGGESTED - educate MYSELF ONLY - on MY nicotine addiction - to read all information EX offers and to complete… (Show more)
Click to view content¬† In recognition of National Library Week, I'm sharing this interesting information from Writer's Relief¬†, included in their 4/23/2020 newsletter: "Research seems to indicate that libraries originated out of a need to preserve the sales and tax records as well as other administrative details of running a country. We don‚Äôt really know exact dates… (Show more)
By happy accident I came across this young lady.  Amazing person.  Full of humor, truth and wisdom.  Use others' negativity to light your fire!  
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