• Calming the craving

    Hello. I have committed to a start date for tomorrow. I usually have a cigarette craving the first thing in the morning, when I get out of bed. Does anyone have any tips to beat this early morning craving?
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  • Looking for a quit buddy/

    So I quit today. I am looking for a quit buddy. I want to find someone that has quit in the past week, so our dates are within a few days of each other, so we can go through "hell week" together! I am using nicotine g...
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  • How do I find a quit buddy?

    I've tried quitting a thousand times and made it a few days, a week, even a couple months,  but I've tried and failed so many times that I'm wary of trying again on my own. How/Where do I find a good quit buddy?
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  • Quit buddy? 19 years old, Juul addiction for about a year or so.

    I'm looking for a quit buddy, as many of my friends still smoke and I'm not sure I can do this alone.
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  • Help please

    I need to quit, smoke almost a pack a day been off and on again for about 15 years, scared my lungs are getting fried.. please help.
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  • Looking for a quit buddy

    I'm trying to find a quit buddy to help me on my smoke free journey
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  • Weight gain

    Has anyone  gained weight after trying  to quit smoking? How do you not gain?
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  • Day 1

    I don’t know how I got my self into this mess and I feel like crying, maybe not but this sucks. I guess since took me many years of smoking to get addicted that it will take the same Amount if time to undo it:( ...
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  • Quitting with Bipolar Disorder

    I'm hoping to find a quit buddy that is also dealing with the complication of being mentally ill. I've set a quit date of December 19th, 2018. I often use cigarettes as a coping mechanism when my depression or anxiety...
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  • What was your withdrawal symptoms?

    If you don’t mind me asking I would like to know what your withdrawal symptoms were? My first attempt to quit, I had the flu like symptoms. 
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  • This is the funniest quit smoking video clip ever

    So not in a millions years have I thought of watching Korean  dramas. I mean, why watch something and have to read subtitles for in the first place. Anyway, a co worker asked me to just watch two episodes and if ...
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  • quit for 7 days , but would like to have a quit buddy.

    I never had a quit buddy in the past and I am having bumpy round off and on . I would like to find a quit buddy to help me along.
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  • Quit date of July, 5, 2018

    Looking for people that have a date near mine to quit. I would like people for morale support. People that maybe have started and have some enlightening advice. I set my date but what now. Should I slowly start cuttin...
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  • Interested in quit buddy!

    Hi! I'm Katie and I'm 24 years old. I've been smoking for 6 years about a pack a day. I've been an ex for 6 days now and I'm doing pretty good I think a friendly buddy would help though!
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  • Introduction

    Hi. My name is Jane and I am 55.  I have smoked 15+ yrs.  I suffer from mdd, DDD, had 4 back surgeries after being wheelchair bound for 7 years.  I know I need to quit.  I am trying hard to identif...
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  • Find a Quit Buddy

    I am looking for a quit buddy that will have a few minutes to chat, probably in the evenings, about our journeys to becoming EXs. I am looking for another college student, and would prefer to talk to someone else who ...
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  • Introductions

    ummmm hi ?
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  • Whether I'll be able? need a partner...

    I am 23 years old male from Asia. I have been smoking since the last 4 years regularly... every single day (although occasionally I have been smoking since 2007-08)... Now, I smoke about 15-20 cigerettes a day which s...
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  • Quit smoking friend needed

    I will be quitting this Monday.  I am down to 2 cigarettes a day and very proud of that.  I will be using accupuncture.   Naturally I am nervous. Any tips that have worked for anyone?  Looki...
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  • Quit smoking partner

    Is this blog still active or group? My quit date is 12-24-14. And wondering if anyone else has this date maybe we could partner up and help eachother. I am really going to make this my best effort I had 3 days when I ...
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