This is the funniest quit smoking video clip ever

Blog Post created by Carmensan on Dec 11, 2018

So not in a millions years have I thought of watching Korean  dramas. I mean, why watch something and have to read subtitles for in the first place. Anyway, a co worker asked me to just watch two episodes and if I don’t like it, then stop watching. I gave it a shot and at first I was like, what the heck? Ew, next thing you know. I was HOOKED!!!!!! I’ll warn you though, it’s addicting! 


Well, one of my crave quenchers is watching k-drama lol. So far I’ve been on the treadmill every time I feel a craving coming on or I’m watching k drama and sometimes I’m munching on some cucumber. Quitting is super hard. Like, right now I feel like driving to the store to buy me a freaking pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I’ve made it this far so I’m not! I feel like these people in the vid. Please try watching it and let me know what you think! It’s hilarious to see how some people cope with the quitting process. I think some of you can relate. Right now I feel bipolar and trying to stay away from the switch light hahahaha 


A GENTLEMAN'S DIGNITY - Quitting Smoking - Funny! Jang Dong Gun, Kim Min Jong - YouTube