Tell them what they've won, Johnny!

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Your inner-addict wants you to believe that by “giving up” smoking, you are depriving yourself of something.  You have to reach in there, grab it’s little brain, and flip it rightside up.  The following a collection from EXers.  Add to it! 




1. The privilege of living

2. The freedom to be comfortable

3. The opportunity to wake up inspired

4. A cleaner life

5. A simpler life 

6. A mind free of thoughts about “supply”


the opportunity… 


7. To be honest with yourself and everyone  around you (instead of being a big fat liar)

8. To really INHALE life through your nose and into your lungs

9. To be on the same page as your body

10. To lay in bed at night with no regrets

11. To save your money; not spend it on something that is sure to make you unhealthy and perhaps kill              you. To have more money in your pocket to spend on something you can enjoy

12. To be able to laugh heartily with no coughing fit

13. To feel like you belong in the non-smoking world (rather than the constant pariah)

14. To be thankful that you no longer smoke and that your lungs are getting healthier

15.  To have more precious time 



…the freedom…


16. to travel anywhere, anytime - including sitting in an airport and on a plane for hours without jonesing for a fix

17. from worrying how the house smells  

18. from worrying if you smell like a dirty ashtray

19. to go anywhere, visit anyone, any time and any length of time  



20. Freedom from having loose tobacco at the bottom of your purse

21. Freedom from feeling rushed to have a cigarette while people are waiting for you

22. Freedom from hack attacks when you wake up

23. Freedom from lighters or matches in your purse

24. Freedom from being ashamed of yourself

      25.  Freedom from FEAR

…the chance…

25. to look younger

26.  to breathe better

27.  to taste food. 

28. to have nicer skin

29. feel incredibly proud of your accomplishment.

30. to realize “If I can do this, what else can I conquer?”

31. to be a role model for others; to offer something of love




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