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My Quit

12/26/18 Day 30 - 14mg to 7mg patch today. I have 14mg in my back pocket in case I feel something bad. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12/30/18 Day 34 -- Just have the 7mg extras in the Truck and in my ruck. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1/02/19 Day 37 -- Everything seems ok. Go back to work on the 4th. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1/5/19 Day 40--Go back to work today. Took off yesterday. Geez made it this long. Nice. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 01/05/9, 01/06/19-- Made out ok at work with the 7mg patch. I even worked 16 hours one day and was ok. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here it is 01/16/19. I am 51 days Quit. Did not smoke 1020 cigarettes. I am still on the 7mg patch. I seem to be doing ok. I use the mints if I have them especially in my truck. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I went 7 days on the 3.5 patch (folded over 7mg). --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1/28/19. Had a talk with the Boss about the 3.5mg patches. Took it off at 10:17 in the morning. I called Him or He called me every half hour. I made it through. No more patches used. Done. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2/05/19 Bad trigger cooked dinner in crockpot Had coffee. Weather nice outside so I wanted to take dog and coffee outside and smoke until I remembered that I quit smoking. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2/9/19 --12 Days without any patches. 75 Days Smoke Free!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 219/19--85 Days Smoke free. I did my checkbook and paid bills then thought ok time to smoke. I forgot that I quit. It came and went. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 months quit: “What do you do with money you save?” I am just happy that I do not have to buy cigarettes for tomorrow so Ill have them when I wake up. I do not have to worry about running out or not having enough for a day. Geez what an addiction it was. I am glad that I do not have to budget for them nor the patches. It is great! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 04/12/19 --137 Days Smoke Free. But I haven't raked leaves until today. Geez. Raking the leaves, putting them in piles, putting the little piles in paper bags, then break....oh no...break to smoke I no longer smoke. The trigger....raking leaves made me think to smoke. I came in the house made a cup of green tea and had a couple of graham crackers. It is beautiful outside but no smoking today. ================================================= I started smoking when my Dad died. I bummed a cigarette off of my Sister at the funeral home. I was 31 years old. I tried to learn to smoke. I finally got hooked. Was on the Old Quitnet with the name Skater. I made the phrase ~~Ride the Craves~~ and copied and pasted it on my posts. LOL! I quit more times than I can remember. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The last few years I was a patch/smoker. I would wear the patch at work. Take it off on the way home. Smoke at home. Shower before going to work...Patch on. Crazy but true. I actually allocated $30 in my budget every two weeks when I got paid for the patches. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sat down and realized I am a crazy goof ball. I bought patches and said no smoking. I wore the patch to bed, left it on until I took a shower. Then new patch. I was grouchy but keep it up. Drinking water, sleeping, biting my tongue at work. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- On vacation for Christmas until 01/04/19 so I stepped down on the patch. Not around anyone at work to get mad at. Staying at the Q since I am not at work. Thanks Everyone. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1/21/19. 4:18pm Today after posting about the 7mg patch step off. I did not exactly cut it in half but folded it over and held it down with Star Wars bandaids. See how it goes.


It only takes the thought of lighting up to light up and start the roller coaster of smoking cigarettes again. It is an addiction. Cannot have one! Each day you say no smoking today. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Smoking Acronyms ODAT One Day at a Time NOPE Not one puff ever DFS Dont $@!#% smoke