• Question: When is it ok to quit the Chantix?

    I started taking Chantix a little over a month and a half ago. What I would like to know is how soon can you quit taking the Chantix? I have been smoke free for a little over a month and I quit taking the pills comple...
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  • Profile name/picture change?

    My profile name or picture? I would like to add my quit date with my profile name.   Also can I delete some of my old blogs?
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  • Is anyone having issues with private messaging?

    Just curious if I'm the only one having issues!  Mark
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  • Is it normal to cry after stopping lighting up?

    This is my second day.  And I've eaten a couple cough drops, chewed a toothpick, walked my dogs, brushed out my border collie, talked to a girlfriend who is supporting me...and  now I feel like I just want t...
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  • how would i go about getting meds

    how would i go about getting meds to help me quit like patches or something 
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  • Who is in NO MAN'S LAND??

    I am 43 days smoke free!  (yay me!)  But boy, do I feel I am in NO MAN'S LAND!  Everything that blog post says is true.  I am just wondering if there are people here on the site at the same place s...
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  • What do you look forward to?

       Before I quit I heard about all of the benefits.  Your teeth will be whiter.  You won't smell bad anymore.  Your health will be better.  Etc.  Day 3 and something unexpected ...
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  • Holding myself accountable?

    Hey all, I'm 2 days into my nicotine cessation plan (again) after a relapse, and I'm looking for some support. I know I can do this, so I guess I'm reaching out in lieu of using my vape so I can hold myself accountab...
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  • Trying to quit

    I'm 38 trying to quit smoking for the second time went back bc of a certain situation I was in, I'm quitting bc I'm in a better situation now. I'm mentally preparing myself it's going to be hard and cravings will come...
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  • Meds vs Patches

    Ive tried a little to quit a few years ago. I smoked with a patch on... So, what about RX?
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  • Help

    I am craving a cigarette bad.  Feels like I am going to die.  I am physically hurting
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  • How do I obtain proof of completion for HR?

    How do I complete this program and obtain a document to send to H.R. showing I quit smoking on 11/11/20 ?
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  • Proof of Cessation

    Is there a completion point/duration and certificate of cessation for this program?
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  • How does live chat work

    Does anyone know how live chat works 
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  • Sense of smell and taste

    Did anyone lose their sense of smell or taste during their withdrawal stage?
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  • ZYN Nicotine Withdrawal

    I wanted to see if anyone had experience with quitting ZYN Nicotine Pouches. I would imagine the journey would be similar to quitting cigarettes, but who knows??   I am 27 and have chewed the 6mg pouches for 2 -...
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  • Tips for day 1 please

    Any tips for day 1 ? I am currently using the nicotine patch I was a very heavy smoker up to 2 packs a day I am committed to quitting smoking 
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  • Dizzy

    I am on day six. I am dizzy and feel my head is heavy. Normal? It’s worse than I felt the first few days. I thought by now the physical withdrawals would have been over. 
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  • Looking for TBX Free Methol strips.

    Looking for TBX strips
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  • how pets behave?

    Does it make difference when smoking person having pets, stops smoking completely, and now, due to his/her new smell (without cigarette smoke) makes any difference to pets?
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