• Cough

    It’s been almost a month smoke free. I have developed a smokers hack. Never had one before. Is this normal ? Lungs cleaning up? No pain, breathing fine. Is it temporary.   yes, I am negative for Covid 19 ...
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  • Can I reduce size of images for posts?

    Is there a simple way to reduce the size of images to place them in posts here?
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  • Followers??

    I’m still new to this site, but I would really like to follow people, and see if they would like to follow me and I have no clue how to do it? Would someone please tell me how to do this?? Everyone needs support...
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  • Anyone out there still not quit? 

    Not that I don’t appreciate all the advice and support, or that I don’t get invaluable tools from people who have succeeded, but I don’t see many posts from people who are still in the thick of it, l...
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  • After Chantix?

    so... today is 6 months no smoking. also the last day of taking Chantix and its been great! I've quit it seems like hundreds of times and this was by far the easiest I've had it and the longest I've gone. but now I am...
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  • who was the first ?

    Member of the community on ex ?  How bout the first Administrator ?  Who made the first post on blogs etc, and how has this site changed thru the years ?
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  • Triggers

    Triggers : Has anyone been part of this site before the facelift? Before you could click a trigger and it would give you detailed information on how to beat the trigger. Example: After waking up you would wait 5 minut...
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  • How do i view other people's statuses? I updated mine and people are commenting but where are they viewing it?

    Viewing status updates
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  • Tips on quitting?

    I’ve been using ZYN tobacco free nicotine pouches for about a year now. It’s worked wonders in getting tobacco off my mind. Now I want to quit it for good. My resting heart rate sits around 90 bpm when usi...
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  • Should I try and stop before my quitting date?

    I don’t have any cigarettes or black and milds rn and I’m contemplating just quitting now 
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  • Tips for day 1 please

    Any tips for day 1 ? I am currently using the nicotine patch I was a very heavy smoker up to 2 packs a day I am committed to quitting smoking 
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  • Quitting with Multiple Sclerosis

    Hello! I've been a smoker for 8 years and diagnosed with MS for 11 (I agree, bad combo). I quit, yet again, 3 days ago and I feel like my symptoms are going wild. I expected chest pain but my neurogenic pain and MS hu...
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  • Quit Day Coming

    @Hi! I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Peggy. My quit date is coming up and I am very nervous. I really want to be successful and I truly need your help please. I don't know what I'm doing and I need to be free o...
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  • Suggestions/support

    Quit day is 5 days. I don’t seem to enjoy smoking as much as just the habit of it. I am most scared about the nicotine withdrawal.  I bought mint lozenges, but thinking of a patch.  I smoke 1/2 to 3/4 ...
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  • Has anyone tried the patch to quit smoking?

    This is my 5th attempt at quitting, all other attempts were done cold turkey. I'm wondering if the patch will work
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  • Has ANYONE heard from LarryG?

    I message him weeks ago - NO amswer - please has ANYONE heard from LarryG? Thanks for your time
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  • How to fix mood swings when craving tobacco

    I tend to get very angry or upset and sometimes tobacco causes me to do impulsive things
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  • I'm on day 5 of being a non-smoker. I was able to power through the cravings. Then, as soon as I opened my eyes this morning, I've been trying to justify a tiny little slip... Was day 5 a particularly hard day for anyone else?

    Was there a certain day during anyone's first week that brought them to their knees and keep forgetting what was so bad about smoking??? Lol
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  • Trying to quit

    I'm 38 trying to quit smoking for the second time went back bc of a certain situation I was in, I'm quitting bc I'm in a better situation now. I'm mentally preparing myself it's going to be hard and cravings will come...
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  • In Post Date Order?

    Is there a way to put posts in date order or see them in date order? For example, when I first go to this group I see lots of discussion titles but no dates. I'd like to read the newest stuff first. Does anyone know h...
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