• Finding the list of Quitnet members

    How can I view the list of Quitnet members?
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  • Why now?

    Today will be my 14th day without a cigarette. Why am I craving them SO MUCH? I woke up and immediately wanted one, then I realized I didn't do that anymore and felt bummed out.I hurried and put a patch on my arm and ...
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  • The patch

    I quit vaping yesterday, again. This time I decided using the patch since all previous attempts to quit did not work for me. Previously I would get panic attack after panic attack until I went to the store and got mor...
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  • Will i receive nicotine patches in the mail for free?

    Will I receive nicotine patches in 6he mail for free. 
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  • Chantix

    I'm taking Chantix & I still have cravings why?? 
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  • So What is your Comfort Food?

    Mine is Soup. Any Kind of Soup. My Husband makes a Great Hamburger Soup. All canned  Vegetables  Potatoes or Pasta. Onions, Okra,Tomatoes. Served with Cornbread, Crackers.  I make a Creamy Chicken Noodl...
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  • Extended use of Nicoderm nicotine patch

    I have been diagnosed with small fiber nerve neuropathy ,I have numbness and pain in both my feet.that started about five years ago.  I do not have diabetes.. Is it possible the nicotine patches have done this to...
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  • Top Places choice - who decides?

    I made the mistake of going to my profile page and actually examined it.  The largest box is the picture box on the upper right.  Really?  And if you don't have any pictures, then it's just a big blank ...
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  • How can I get the patch?

    Nicotine patch? 
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  • Help

    I am not on Facebook can I still participate I want to quit I feel so stupid starting back I feel likea  moron please help me I go to work tomorrow I have no cigarettes right now and I want to quit it has been on...
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  • Chest pain and withdrawals

    Hello,  I am quitting cold turkey and i have very bad chest pain. I've been to the ER. They did xrays, ct scan and ekg and fou d nothing. Does chest pain occur when quitting cold turkey?    Thank you,...
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  • Is it normal to have chest pain while 6 days into quitting?

    Today makes 6 days since I quit and I feel good. However, I am having this subtle but sharp pain where my heart is and it comes and goes. Has anyone had this feeling after quitting or do you think it might be anxiety ...
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  • ZYN Nicotine Withdrawal

    I wanted to see if anyone had experience with quitting ZYN Nicotine Pouches. I would imagine the journey would be similar to quitting cigarettes, but who knows??   I am 27 and have chewed the 6mg pouches for 2 -...
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  • Does the scent of Vaping Trigger You?

    As a former smoker (quit over 13 years ago), I still find the smell of a freshly lit cigarette appealing.  It smells good to me.  At this stage on my quit journey, it's not something that's going to make me ...
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  • Anxiety...

    Hello everyone!! I am on day 23 today.. No smoking at all! I ran out of patches 3 days ago and decided to try without them. I had been forgetting to put one on until 11am or later then taking it off at 8pm. Only step ...
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  • Just a few corny laughs....

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  • Stop patch?

    In reading the box for my patches, which I'm already using, it estimates I'll be using these for 12 WEEKS?! I always quit cold turkey before, but admittedly my circumstances are much more stressful now than before. Bu...
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  • How to change my Avatar?

    I forgot how to change my avatar 
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  • I am miserable and about to give up

    61 days of not smoking and I am miserable every day.  Either I don’t really want to quit or something is wrong with me.  I can’t take it anymore- cranky, weight gain etc and I never get a break f...
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  • Trying to quit vaping, needing some help

    does anyone have any good tips for quitting vaping? I started vaping to quit cigs, but now i've been vaping for 5 years and it really feels more difficult than quitting cigs because i can and do vape literally everywh...
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