• What has helped me

    I am an early riser.  I appreciate my time early in the morning.  I think, plan ahead, contemplate my life, purpose,and what I still have to accomplish.  I find I am most productive in the morning. ...
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  • Will NOT have a cig on 04/02/20 and after

    Hello all, I started this community with a one less a day till quit and decided yesterday to try cold turkey. It didn't work and back to the original plan. I want so much for this change and have all these plans on e...
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  • Tuesday for sure

    Seen from Presque Isle, Maine in March of 2013.  I only wish I could have been there.  I have seen the "lights" a few times here in Maine or when I was in Iceland (U S Navy)   I had telephone contact w...
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  • Desperately need to stop!

    Hello everybody.  Hope you're all doing well on your journey to becoming a nonsmoker.  I'm 62 yrs old live in a small town in NC. I'm a cashier in a grocery store.  I live with my chiuauaha "baby". I've...
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  • The Daily Pledge March 2020

    Start your pledge today   How to pledge:  Go to top of page and click the link for Latest Reply. Or you can go to the last page by clicking on the last page of the pagination links. Click on the Repl...
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  • Cigarettes are my security blanket

    I have the desire to quit. I even have patches, but I still smoke instead of putting the patch on. Or worse, I take it off to smoke. I already know it’s dangerous to keep doing that. I try not to smoke with it o...
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  • Day 25 was horrible

    I don’t think it’s nicotine withdrawal that’s making me so irritable now. I think it’s really difficult to effectively communicate while working from home at a job that’s not the work fro...
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  • I HAVE BEEN.........

    In the past approximately three weeks, I.....like many, many others.....have been: >Scared >Frustrated >Confused >Sad >Worried >Angry >And yes sometimes.....................BORED!   H...
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  • 6 Days In Feeling Weak

    Day 6 and have been using patch and supplementing with nicotine gum until about 10 minutes ago.   The thought of these withdrawal symptoms continuing for weeks as I step down nicotine just guarantees I will fail...
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  • Just Watch and Laugh

    The laughter is just delicious!  
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  • Luna Moth

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  • Toilet paper and gloves and masks solution for folks concerned at home

    Just thought I would pass these idea's on~   Order a BIDET. I did. $29.00 on Amazon. My friends got them and love them and said they were very easy to install. Message me if you want the info on t...
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  • Quitting smoking ? Choose Love

    Quitting smoking ?   One minute we can be on cloud nine  Next minute swirling in the wind , Blown over or tossed about .  Next in a deep dark hole or at the bottom of a pool  Struggl...
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  • Good morning

    Hi,     Happy Tuesday!!  Well how’s it going?  Are you use to social distancing yet?  The cases are increasing in our county.  Two have now died.  I have been mostly staying h...
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  • The Smithy

    I would like to compare the trip across NML in the caravan with the making of a sharp tool by the blacksmith. Seems kind of strange to do so though this ran through my mind for hours last night. The first 30 days are...
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  • Finding the list of Quitnet members

    How can I view the list of Quitnet members?
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    I now we have pretty well gone overboard with our toilet paper anecdotes but I just couldn't resist posting this one.   Hope this brings you a great laugh, my EXer friends   Debbie Massey - OH MY GOSH I DO...
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  • Urgent Prayer request...

    We have a family member in his 60's who tested positive last night. He was transferred today and also has heart problems along with this. He also now has double pneumonia. He is in very bad shape 
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  • NTAP - Excerpt

    This is an excerpt from the book  NTAP - Never Take Another Puff in Chapter 2 The Real Cost of Smoking.   When I was new in my quit this part of Chapter 2 really got to me and for the newbies who may not ha...
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  • * Tuesday’s Nearly Impossible Question 3/31

    * Tuesday’s Nearly Impossible Question 3/31   *The Nearly Impossible Question (*Remember that this is a game meant for fun, so Googling or knowingly posting the correct answer is not how it's done. The ...
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