• The Daily Pledge March 2020

    Start your pledge today   How to pledge:  Go to top of page and click the link for Latest Reply. Or you can go to the last page by clicking on the last page of the pagination links. Click on the Repl...
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  • Cigarettes are my security blanket

    I have the desire to quit. I even have patches, but I still smoke instead of putting the patch on. Or worse, I take it off to smoke. I already know it’s dangerous to keep doing that. I try not to smoke with it o...
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  • 6 Days In Feeling Weak

    Day 6 and have been using patch and supplementing with nicotine gum until about 10 minutes ago.   The thought of these withdrawal symptoms continuing for weeks as I step down nicotine just guarantees I will fail...
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  • Just Watch and Laugh

    The laughter is just delicious!  
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  • Luna Moth

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  • Good morning

    Hi,     Happy Tuesday!!  Well how’s it going?  Are you use to social distancing yet?  The cases are increasing in our county.  Two have now died.  I have been mostly staying h...
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    I now we have pretty well gone overboard with our toilet paper anecdotes but I just couldn't resist posting this one.   Hope this brings you a great laugh, my EXer friends   Debbie Massey - OH MY GOSH I DO...
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  • Urgent Prayer request...

    We have a family member in his 60's who tested positive last night. He was transferred today and also has heart problems along with this. He also now has double pneumonia. He is in very bad shape 
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  • NTAP - Excerpt

    This is an excerpt from the book  NTAP - Never Take Another Puff in Chapter 2 The Real Cost of Smoking.   When I was new in my quit this part of Chapter 2 really got to me and for the newbies who may not ha...
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  • Issue with Points: Post here!

    Please read: If you have an opinion about points, please don't post it here. You can post your opinion in (The Scoop on Jive Rewards: Badges, Points and Quests ) This post is only for reporting issues when points...
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  • Last Word First

    I will start with 2 words...next poster will carry on using the last word first, and so on....    (Remember... last word first!)   Example:     In crowd   Crowd control ...
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  • Let's Get Moving Part 3

    'The original idea was to "get moving" at least 4 times a week, staying accountable to each other.  Post your accomplishments in the comments. This is the original blog link if you would like to clarify the ...
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  • Shout your stats

    For Wayne and I shouting our stats in the beginning was a great way to stay motivated  in those hard days and moments. So what are your stats??   Ours are 444 days quit, 26664 unsmoked death sticks, saved a...
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  • Quit Prayer

    #Quit Prayer Quit Prayer from techy-girl z.   Chris/Spuddles used to post this prayer every morning in the Positive Posting Party club. The impact the prayer made on me was HUGE. Hopefully someone will be imp...
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  • Are you coffeed out yet?

    I've had two coffee but I can handle a third pull up a chair and join me here's a breakfast buffet if you're hungry..... Here's some true social distancing thankfully in this day and age there's so many ways to sta...
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  • Everything about this virus sucks

    A friend has died. I knew it would happen eventually. Doesn't make it any easier.   My smoking urges are as strong as they were when I quit 468 days ago, including my clenched teeth that I experienced in the ear...
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  • Last Letter Word Game

    Take the Last letter from the previous word and come up with the next word . For words ending in Y so that the next word is a Y word ...could some of us google some creative Y words please ..... :-) So its not alwa...
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  • Two Vowels Only A-Z

    This is an alphabetical word game that is made out of words with 2 vowels only.   I'll begin with A.....   Almost
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  • Get ready for your quit date on 4/6/20

    Hi again! You've probably seen a message from me previously welcoming you to the community. From what I can see it appears your quit date is coming up in a week from now.  To get ready for that date it's good to ...
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  • Get ready for your quit date on 4/5/20

    Hi again! You've probably seen a message from me previously welcoming you to the community. From what I can see it appears your quit date is coming up in a week from now.  To get ready for that date it's good to ...
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