• Who is using/used juul?

    Wondering the age groups on here that use/used juul?
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  • Just Curious ;)

    I’m asking the audience...when should I expect to look in the mirror and see my glowing, 20 year old-esque complexion staring back??? I mean, I’m just shy of the 30 day mark so I was just wondering
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  • How should I celebrate 1 week?

    Today is Day 6 and I've saved at least $25 from not buying cigarettes!!! I want to celebrate with a little something at 1 week because the next goal will be 1 month! Going strong!!      &...
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  • Why did you quit smoking ?

    What's your primary reason for your quit?  Vanity? Cost? Health? Social???  Share your primary driving factor in this poll...    and in thinking about it, we just called to mind 8 good reasons N...
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  • Smart Phone, Laptop or Desk top

    How do you primarily access the Ex community?
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  • EX 7 Date Choice Poll

    Unfortunately, the weekend of the Beach Music Cruise-In (May 10 - 12) is already sold out at our hotel of choice. (I suspect that would be the case with other hotels for the number of rooms we need. Hopefully, we can ...
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  • EX 7 Place Selection

    These are the choices for an EX gathering in the spring of 2019. Please vote if you are interested in attending. (You do not have to commit to attending - just be interested!) Here is a blog about the gathering - ...
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  • In today's world, what constitutes "Quitting Cold Turkey"

    The term "Cold Turkey" came about long before the drugs to help us quit, before patches, and nicotine gum, and other nicotine products.  So does it still have meaning today? 
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  • Do/did you smoke menthol or regular cigarettes?

    Dr. Hays just put out a blog It is time to stop putting Menthol in cigarettes   about Menthol cigarettes and I was curious to get feedback from those currently active on the site.  Hence this poll. ...
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  • Smokers in the air-ea

    Trying to determine how I should interact with smoking husband and friends. Have avoided social gatherings with lots of smokers since I’m only on day three. Have finally sat with husband outside a little tonight...
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  • What keeps your mouth busy now

    I suck on Lifesavers like it's nobody's business-but am now paying the price...sugar on my teeth is no bueno. I have to switch things up pretty quick here- so what do you do instead-if anything?   BTW- no, I do...
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  • Days Quit

    I'd like to be able to see the number of days a person has been quit under EVERYONE'S avatar.  To me it just makes sense to be able to see at a glance where a person is at on their smobriety journey -- especially...
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  • Are you observing Lent this year?

    lent     ashwednesday
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  • Where is the "place to be"?

    I am really just playing around here with this poll feature.  I want to see what is all about!  I'm sure soon we will all migrate to one hang out spot.
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  • Crappy Frappe?

    The term venting was a frequently used term on the site I quit on. Don't see too much of that HELLISHNESS here. :-) Ruckus. Hmmmmm.  Not much of those going down. Has every quitter gone sane? Or is it just m...
  • Do you feel people are more open here than they are in a clinical situation?

    When someone posts here, we have the opportunity to ask them questions and draw them out. Do you feel this "anonymity" allows participants to more fully "get it" here?
  • Where do you go?

    Where do you go looking for new material to comment on?  Where do you look for people looking for advise and encouragement?
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  • How Long Did it Take After Your Slip/Relapse To Get Your Quit Back?

    If you have ever relapsed (slipped) - put a cigarette in your mouth after you said you wouldn't - how long did it take you to get back on the horse and quit again?     I smoked for YEARS after each rel...
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  • EX 6.1 Destination

    Laura and Kathy have reviewed the various blogs about EX6. The 2 top choices during discussion for a place for the next EX gathering were the Pensacola Beach area of Florida and a cruise.    You are not mak...
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  • In What Order Do You Put The Following Tools To Quitting Successfully?

    I'd like to see what your choices are. Please take a moment to explain your choice of order, as it appears you can only vote for one.   I will explain my choice of order after we get a good amount of responses.