• I HAVE BEEN.........

    In the past approximately three weeks, I.....like many, many others.....have been: >Scared >Frustrated >Confused >Sad >Worried >Angry >And yes sometimes.....................BORED!   H...
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  • Toilet paper and gloves and masks solution for folks concerned at home

    Just thought I would pass these idea's on~   Order a BIDET. I did. $29.00 on Amazon. My friends got them and love them and said they were very easy to install. Message me if you want the info on t...
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  • What has helped me

    I am an early riser.  I appreciate my time early in the morning.  I think, plan ahead, contemplate my life, purpose,and what I still have to accomplish.  I find I am most productive in the morning. ...
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  • Quitting smoking ? Choose Love

    Quitting smoking ?   One minute we can be on cloud nine  Next minute swirling in the wind , Blown over or tossed about .  Next in a deep dark hole or at the bottom of a pool  Struggl...
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  • The Smithy

    I would like to compare the trip across NML in the caravan with the making of a sharp tool by the blacksmith. Seems kind of strange to do so though this ran through my mind for hours last night. The first 30 days are...
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  • Day 25 was horrible

    I don’t think it’s nicotine withdrawal that’s making me so irritable now. I think it’s really difficult to effectively communicate while working from home at a job that’s not the work fro...
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  • * Tuesday’s Nearly Impossible Question 3/31

    * Tuesday’s Nearly Impossible Question 3/31   *The Nearly Impossible Question (*Remember that this is a game meant for fun, so Googling or knowingly posting the correct answer is not how it's done. The ...
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  • Tuesday for sure

    Seen from Presque Isle, Maine in March of 2013.  I only wish I could have been there.  I have seen the "lights" a few times here in Maine or when I was in Iceland (U S Navy)   I had telephone contact w...
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  • Your Interpretation Please?

             When I was outside yesterday and took the bird pictures, I heard a loud vibration. I thought it was hummingbird wings. It was that same type of vibration but, it w...
  • Viral Vent

    I am sure most of you are sick of talking about this pandemic, I am just as sick of it as everyone else.  I am MORE sick of the blatant disregard for our fellow humans, those who have compromised health and those...
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  • Will NOT have a cig on 04/02/20 and after

    Hello all, I started this community with a one less a day till quit and decided yesterday to try cold turkey. It didn't work and back to the original plan. I want so much for this change and have all these plans on e...
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  • Unoccupied Island open for your business. Nicotine is the only forbidden item you can bring with you...

    Actually this is a perfect time to quit. I remember having thoughts when I was contemplating quitting smoking years ago. I used to say to myself and friends "The only way it will work for me is if you put me on a dese...
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  • Rest In Peace

    Country music lost another star yesterday. Joe Diffie passed away from complications of the Carona Viris, Rest in peace Joe. You will be missed.
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  • Living Smokefree on this Snowy March 30th

    I knew that it was supposed to start snowing last night but waking up this morning and looking out the window first thing this morning I had to smile at how beautiful everything looks we're supposed to get ice pellets...
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  • Desperately need to stop!

    Hello everybody.  Hope you're all doing well on your journey to becoming a nonsmoker.  I'm 62 yrs old live in a small town in NC. I'm a cashier in a grocery store.  I live with my chiuauaha "baby". I've...
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  • Please quit smoking today

    Are there anymore lurkers here, any still pondering the decision if they have to quit smoking or not?   Because many of us here care, I care a lot for those of you still not sure if you should do it or not....
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      I am crying and adapting and praying and dealing with a very sore neck and shoulder pain from new stretching dvd by Donna Flagg - she calls this STRETCHING dvd - Lastics - I been DOING it - 3 times a week - sin...
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  • Saw this guy yesterday

    At first he was blurry like the beginning of a quit And then he dropped down and came into focus, just like your quit if you'll give it time. I went inside and got some bread. But, he was gone when I got back. I'm ...
  • Wish me luck

    I probably picked the wrong time to quit which of course there is never really going to be a “right time” I just gotta do it. Because I want to. the last time I quit was almost two years ago i Believe. ...
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  • I oops’d big time

    Hi Everyone at Ex’s and Good Morning   I wrote a blog from an email I received from a friend about a “Saint Corona”, and I found it was untrue.  Giulia wrote me and gave me the Snopes site...
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