• I woke up to the white stuff!

    The ground was covered in white first thing this morning BUT now it's raining so it's pretty much gone for now at least, I found out this morning that the Covid case is in my 11 year old grandson Masons class which is...
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  • 125 days

    I am sitting here, in the middle of class, watching all of my students during Instrumental Music.  I just realized today is day 125 of my quit.  That's just over 4 months and it is exciting!  I don't th...
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  • Having Practiced Construction, I'm Stumped. (UPDATED AGAIN)

    This is in Prince George, British Columbia This link (best seen fullscreen) Downtown Livestream - YouTube  I watched them demolish a 3 story 150 Room Hotel last Summer on this cam. Then the snows came (This...
  • In the mood for Monday

    Susan Cole Kelly took this photo of the Taunton River as it enters salt water.  The water was warmer than the air, today it's about 49F (water).   A  quiet day for me, wife has a phone appointment and ...
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  • COVID-19 strikes home with me

    I starting coughing really bed this past Wednesday went to the emergency room Saturday morning, I now have COVID-19 with pneumonia. Please keep me in your prayers and keep your masks up! This is serious folks. I never...
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  • The toughest time of my life

    Today was really hard I was grouchy at everyone who even tried to talk to me but I made it through. This morning I'm wanting a cigarette so bad but I'm not going to give in so I'm going for a walk. The day didn't get...
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  • Hope just a step away , I hope . 

    Covid restrictions with its seclusions are weighing heavy on me .  Not much fun to be around ATM . Taking a break for recovery I hope lol . Hopefull I'll be back with a much better attitude . I know I will be bac...
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  • For These Times

    No matter what your beliefs, this fits. We need our higher power in these times. Home Free - How Great Thou Art - YouTube  May this touch all ....
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  • EXtremely difficult BUT definetly Doable!

    Quitting smoking and remaining quit is the GIFT OF LIFE! It's definetly not easy by any stretch of the imagination BUT thankfully with commitment and perseverance it's absolutely Doable PLUS our lives literally depend...
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  • 1st thought was oh no!!!!

    I just received a phone call from Public Health because I'm on my daughter's contact list for the school they couldn't reach Mandy so public health called me to get Mandy to call them because her son Mason my 11 year ...
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  • Sunday stillness

    Schoodic Point, this is a part of Acadia National Park but separated by several miles.  This is a place that, in warm weather, you can see more work done by the glaciers long ago.   Sunday will be a nice qu...
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  • And I Never Saw Her Face

          I Saw Her Standing There (Live) - The Beatles - YouTube  UPDATED FOR THESE TIMES     Well, she was just seventeen You know what I mean And the way she looked Was way beyond compa...
  • The Annual Walk of Grief

    Six years ago today, it was my ten month anniversary and I was so excited that I got up early and wrote a blog to celebrate before I left for work.  I got several calls on my cell phone at 3:30 and I was ignoring...
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  • 14 Day Itch!

    Today is challenging my resolve. I am on my 14th day. Everything is getting under my skin, even things that should not be a big deal. I am scratching that 14 day itch by sharing here that I am having a slightly diffic...
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  • Peaks and Valleys

    Good afternoon everyone,   I apologize for being absent lately.  I was just waiting for things to calm down at my end before I sat down with you all.   Here are a few updates:   1.)  My hu...
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  • People. Places, and Things

    Well, Thomas! Aren't you blowing things out of proportion? Things, I get that. Obviously I can't keep my favorite lighters, ashtrays, vape pens. But places......even, people? I have to change them too? They're only ci...
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  • More positives about NOT smoking

    Besides all the normal positives about giving up smoking such as: not smelling like crap, not having burn holes in everything, not spending all my extra money on cigarettes, not worrying about having a car accident as...
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    I have frequently said that my drugs of choice are nicotine, caffeine, and chocolate.   Well, I've quit cigarettes and am staying away from coffee (for the most part.)   But, chocolate candy bars have beco...
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  • Elvan Was Home - 12:30 PM

    They weren't able to do the procedure because elvan 's  blood pressure was too low.  I will let her tell you the rest when she is able.  She is resting.   I know any and all prayers will be a...
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  • Sweating It Out

    18 Nov 2020   Thirty days does not feel so great. Oh yes! I am proud, for sure. But this morning I feel slippery as a wet fish floppin'. This s--t is hard, ya'll. You know it!  I do not even know this perso...
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