What's In An Attitude? Everything     What is your attitude towards quitting?  Are you resentful?  Sorry that you have to?  Are you gritting your teeth with every passing day?  Are you...
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  • Good morning

    Hi,     Happy Friday!!  The weekend is here again!!  The weather is starting to warm up some!!  What are your plans?  I have some things to do on the computers.       Isn&...
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  • Fearless on Friday

    A Kimo photo of the Fore River in Portland, Maine   Take a risk. Take a chance. We do not have to indulge in obviously foolhardy or self-defeating risks, but we can allow ourselves to take positive risks in reco...
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  • Race to +/-20

       Here's the rules...  When a newbie (non smoker with less than a year of smobriety) posts, they add +2 to the number...    When an Elder (non smoker with more than a year of smobreity) posts...
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  • My First 50 Days

    So....here I am.  Today marks fifty days nicotine free.  Wow.   You won't see many blogs from me because I'm not a writer but I thought I would use this platform for two reasons today. It's a long one ...
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  • Took a break

    I’ve been smoke free since April 2020.this group helped tremendously. Went off site when I felt, or more accurately, wasn’t needing help. But urges come back. So i put on a patch and continue to not smoke...
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  • Let's Get Moving Part 3

    'The original idea was to "get moving" at least 4 times a week, staying accountable to each other.  Post your accomplishments in the comments. This is the original blog link if you would like to clarify the ...
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  • Talking about smoking makes me want to smoke

    I don’t know how I’m going to get through the toughest part of this.  My biggest issue is when I talk about smoking it makes me want to smoke.  Any suggestions?
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  • Valentine Promise

    Today marks Day # 12. I kept myself busy today, making sure that I stayed that way. It's remarkable that when I am busy doing something, I just don't think about smoking. It's only when I stop doing something, or come...
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  • The First Day.

    I am 29 years old. My goal is to have a substantial amount of time being nicotine free before my 30th birthday, later on this year.   When I started smoking cigarettes at age 18, I did not think I would be label...
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  • ONE?

    Has anybody EVER had just ONE cigarette? ONE piece of chocolate? ONE SIP of an alcohol drink? ONE PUFF of a cigarette?
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  • EXtremely difficult but also EXtremely DO-Able!

    Anything in this life worth having takes time and effort and quitting smoking should be at the top of the list of things to do for our health family and friends BUT especially our lives which literally depends on us t...
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  • What do/did you use?

    What help did u use to stop smoking? 
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  • Nicotine patches

    How long does it take to receive the nicotine patches in the mail
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  • Retail

    I work for Walmart have worked for them for 14 year's. Most day's I love my job but not lately. When COVID bagan it was crazy we were out of needed supplies such as Toilet Paper, Lysol, Hand Sanitizer. Now it has sett...
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  • There is a difference!

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  • Can we talk about weight gain?

    I’m 6 weeks smoke free and the last two weeks... binge eating! It’s awful! Someone give me suggestions or ideas. I’m working but I want food all day and not the good stuff. Help! 
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  • Not so good news...

    I had my CT Scan on Tuesday and saw my pulmonologist on Wednesday. I was feeling TERRIBLE.  Aside from my ever-growing shortness of breath, I have had so much pain for almost two weeks now, that all I want to do ...
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  • I feel so much better!

    My husband was right, I was working and pressing myself too hard! Today I took off of work and let me tell you I feel 15 times better.   I'm not achy anymore. I am tired though, slept last night, and just took ...
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  • Thresholds

    I still am finding this process to be interesting. I'm coming up in 27 months ( WTG me!).  Recently I am noticing that when I see someone smoking I think " Stop smoking!" Not in a condescending way, more like a ...
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