• Good morning

    Hi,     Happy Friday!!  The weekend is here again!!  The weather is starting to warm up some!!  What are your plans?  I have some things to do on the computers.       Isn&...
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  • Talking about smoking makes me want to smoke

    I don’t know how I’m going to get through the toughest part of this.  My biggest issue is when I talk about smoking it makes me want to smoke.  Any suggestions?
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  • ONE?

    Has anybody EVER had just ONE cigarette? ONE piece of chocolate? ONE SIP of an alcohol drink? ONE PUFF of a cigarette?
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  • Nicotine patches

    How long does it take to receive the nicotine patches in the mail
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  • Can we talk about weight gain?

    I’m 6 weeks smoke free and the last two weeks... binge eating! It’s awful! Someone give me suggestions or ideas. I’m working but I want food all day and not the good stuff. Help! 
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  • Thresholds

    I still am finding this process to be interesting. I'm coming up in 27 months ( WTG me!).  Recently I am noticing that when I see someone smoking I think " Stop smoking!" Not in a condescending way, more like a ...
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  • Wow!! Hubs QUIT!!

    HUBS IS ON DAY 2!!!!!! I CANT TELL YOU HOW EXCITED I AM!! PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM!! He won't get on the site or read any books or info, so prayers are all we can do to help his quit!  I'm so thankful he has made this...
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  • Treading Water

    Do you sometimes feel like you're treading water in the middle of the ocean? There are certainly times in my life when I feel like that! I just get more and more tired and debate whether to keep paddling or just give ...
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  • Sweating ?

    hello good people I notice I am sweating and I'm not a sweater lol i guess that's changes my body going through day 3 crappy crappy crappy
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  • First impressions of being a nonsmoker

    What is the biggest benefit you've noticed from quitting?
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  • Headaches

    How long does these headaches last omg on top of that can't sleep and anxiety
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  • Good morning

    Hello everyone,     Happy Thursday!!  It is the downside of the week now.  I got my phone backed up and updated.  I sat outside for it.  What are your plans for today?     It ...
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  • Does a quit make you feel like you're getting sick?

    So I'm now on day 4 and I've felt so far okay. No real symptoms except irritability and cravings. Tonight though something has hit me.  After another horrendous day at work, which I called off early, I came home....
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  • Shout your stats

    For Wayne and I shouting our stats in the beginning was a great way to stay motivated  in those hard days and moments. So what are your stats??   Ours are 444 days quit, 26664 unsmoked death sticks, saved a...
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    VICTORY just for TODAY -in smiling just for TDAY and living as a NON SMOKER is SOOOOOOO good and just for TODAY - I will smile MY best and enjoy MY DAY I am SOOOOOOO glad I am under MY Daddy Gods construction and N...
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    EVERYBODY quit smoking by DOING it their OWN FREE WILL way and here WE stay in UNITY with ONE common bond Please take what HELPS Sharing and SUGGESTIONS are offered in LOVE to HELP one another and - IF - you ...
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  • Need help pls

    I am going to stop smoking after almost 20yrs and have a date set. I know me and I will forsure need some help with some kind of medication as they call it. What worked best for you??
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  • Are these withdrawal symptoms normal?

    Hello, I was up to a full pack per day for past 3 years (ecigs prior for 5-6 years). I just quit on Dec 26th, 2020 and smoked only one each morning and one at bedtime for first 5 days.  I used Step 1 nicotine pat...
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  • Sleeping a lot

    Been working from home since covid-19 began quit day was 2-21-21 however since I quit I notice all I want to do is sleep especially on my lunch  break   when I get off at 330 watching TV fall asleep til...
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  • What’s the point of smoke aids if....

    You just have to withdraw off those too? I mean, I’m thankful for them and happy for my nicorette gum. I haven’t chewed one in 3 days not intentionally yay! and now suddenly feel like I just quit smoking a...
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