• Cough

    It’s been almost a month smoke free. I have developed a smokers hack. Never had one before. Is this normal ? Lungs cleaning up? No pain, breathing fine. Is it temporary.   yes, I am negative for Covid 19 ...
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  • Can I reduce size of images for posts?

    Is there a simple way to reduce the size of images to place them in posts here?
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  • Should I try and stop before my quitting date?

    I don’t have any cigarettes or black and milds rn and I’m contemplating just quitting now 
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  • Quitting with Multiple Sclerosis

    Hello! I've been a smoker for 8 years and diagnosed with MS for 11 (I agree, bad combo). I quit, yet again, 3 days ago and I feel like my symptoms are going wild. I expected chest pain but my neurogenic pain and MS hu...
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  • Quit Day Coming

    @Hi! I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Peggy. My quit date is coming up and I am very nervous. I really want to be successful and I truly need your help please. I don't know what I'm doing and I need to be free o...
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  • Suggestions/support

    Quit day is 5 days. I don’t seem to enjoy smoking as much as just the habit of it. I am most scared about the nicotine withdrawal.  I bought mint lozenges, but thinking of a patch.  I smoke 1/2 to 3/4 ...
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  • Has anyone tried the patch to quit smoking?

    This is my 5th attempt at quitting, all other attempts were done cold turkey. I'm wondering if the patch will work
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  • Has ANYONE heard from LarryG?

    I message him weeks ago - NO amswer - please has ANYONE heard from LarryG? Thanks for your time
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  • How to fix mood swings when craving tobacco

    I tend to get very angry or upset and sometimes tobacco causes me to do impulsive things
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  • I'm on day 5 of being a non-smoker. I was able to power through the cravings. Then, as soon as I opened my eyes this morning, I've been trying to justify a tiny little slip... Was day 5 a particularly hard day for anyone else?

    Was there a certain day during anyone's first week that brought them to their knees and keep forgetting what was so bad about smoking??? Lol
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  • struggling quitter

    It has been 4 days since I quit smoking. I had the ear “zapping” done. I went again today for a second round even though I did not smoke I had some withdrawal symptoms. Does it get easier ? I am still find...
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  • Why isn't there an app for this site?

    I'm using my phone and it would be more helpful if there was an app with all of the tools that are here online. 
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  • How do I follow someone

    I don’t know how to follow someone
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  • Shout your stats conversation?

    I was wondering why some people were not putting their quit days in the pledge page? Many members have moved their DOF to the "Shout Your Stats" thread.  That's cool but the DOF on the "Daily Pledge"  page i...
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  • Cold Turkey or NRT?

    what is proven more effective - cold turkey or NRT?
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  • Nicotine patches

    Can I get the nicotine patches sent to me?
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  • Could you send me nicotine gum?

    Could you send me nicotine gum?
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  • How do I quit vaping for good?

    I have tried before but I don’t know how to quit.
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  • Newbie here, quitting vaping tomorrow

    Hi everyone, Im new here. I'm not really sure how all this works. Im quitting vaping tomorrow. I smoked cigarettes for 15 years, and I quit 5 years ago. I decided to try my friends vape at a party about 6 months ago, ...
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  • The patch

    My quit date is nov 6th I am considering going on the patch two weeks before. i have cut down from a pack a day to a half a pack and I am delaying every time I get a craving (I wait 10 to 30 mins) so any body think ...
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