• Are these withdrawal symptoms normal?

    Hello, I was up to a full pack per day for past 3 years (ecigs prior for 5-6 years). I just quit on Dec 26th, 2020 and smoked only one each morning and one at bedtime for first 5 days.  I used Step 1 nicotine pat...
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  • So many help options out there, what helps? What doesn’t?

    Hi my name is Tammy I’m 49 years old and I have smoked 98% of the time since I was in the 8th grade. I have had periods of non smoking, months here and there. I like smoking. So it’s hard to quit. I have b...
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  • When did you know enough was enough

    I've been thinking about quitting for so long and just haven't felt like I've reached the point where I really have to. I don't want to smoke u till I have  a hole in my throat but I also haven't been conscious o...
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  • I'm starting to get scared.

    Im not sure what it is about. But im feeling a real sense of panic the closer I get to my quit date. I feel almost like a sense of massive fear. Its like Im emotionally paralyzed. I havent done much the last view to s...
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  • Dreams about smoking

    I been having dreams. In the dreams I am smoking a cigarette. I quit smoking 18 days ago.  So for the past week I been have dreams. I wake up angry with myself thinking I did but I didn't. It start my mornings of...
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  • Withdrawls

    Today is day 1 of not vaping. What sort of symptoms can I expect? 
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  • did anyone else have anxiety and shortness of breath as their withdrawal symptom? its really freaking me out

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  • When does the mucus stop

    I am 17 days No smoking and I feel like I am drowning in mucus every morning when does it come normal? 
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  • Chantix

    Has anyone had any luck with Chentix?  I will start taking it tomorrow
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  • Doubting Myself

    I have such serious doubts about my quit. I want to be confident but id be lying if I said I was. I feel like Im going to end up like these people you see hooked up to breathing tanks and unhooking themselves to smoke...
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  • I quit smoking almost 4 months ago but still very anxious, is this normal?

    Hello everyone. My name is Marion. I am 29 years old and a father to a four year old (the main reason I wanted to quit). I had smoked since 2009 (~30 cigarettes a day) but I quit almost 4 months ago. Since I quit I ha...
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  • Cutting down before quit date

    Ok, so I have a quit date of 1/24 and I am trying to cut down before that date.  I find that I am actually smoking more, which is crazy.  I am going to do the patch.  Is it better to cut down ahead of t...
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  • Which works best?

    How well has this worked for anyone else? I tried a few years ago but ended up back smoking.
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  • Scented Candles

    Does the aroma of a scented candle both you after you quit smoking or is it me ?
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  • How to help my teenager to stop vaping?

    My teenage daughter is vaping, I need to find a way to get her to stop.
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  • How do I edit my profile quit date? 

    I found you 3 years ago, but gave in and failed. I need to update my "quit" date to January 20th of THIS year. I have better tools and a better mind set this time. I'll succeed!  ;-)   Becky
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  • How long before i stop craving a cigarette?  Driving me crazy, i just keep thinking about it

    How long before i stop craving a cigarette? 
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  • Where is my post

    I replied to a post but the comment disappeared. 
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  • How Much

    Ho much money have you saved by not smoking?
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  • I want to quit

    Hello,   I've decided to quit smoking again.  The site suggests that I quit 2 weeks from today, probably to develop a game plan.  I'm really tired of smoking.  I hate feeling like I can't live wit...
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