• Day 1!

    Hi everyone!  About a month ago I started vaping again and I finally built up the courage to quit again. Anyway, I am just wondering if you guys have any suggestions for the second attempt? thank you, Nat...
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    First, thank you all who have been asking for me and checking in on me.  I will be honest and admit I have been smoking like 5 cigarettes a day.  I have been taking them from my boyfriend.  This has bee...
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  • Good morning

    Hi,     Happy Monday!!  How is the new week going?  I have a load of wash in the dryer.  I still have one load to do.  I decided to have a grateful Christmas.  I am wrapping up some...
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  • Shout your stats

    For Wayne and I shouting our stats in the beginning was a great way to stay motivated  in those hard days and moments. So what are your stats??   Ours are 444 days quit, 26664 unsmoked death sticks, saved a...
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  • Good morning

    Hi,     Happy Sunday!!  The day of rest is here again.  In a few hours I will go to church online.  What are you doing?  I just got done doing my yoga practice.       Well...
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  • Curiosity

    So I see everywhere (and I already knew this) that quitting cold turkey typically has the highest failure rate over things like nrt.  I’m curious as to when the failure is more likely. Is it during the actu...
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  • First Things First!

    Monday, I will be setting up a Zoom appointment with my Dr. I will try and see if I will be ok for Chantix.
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  • Excuses! Excuses! Excuses!

    As I am approaching 2 milestones, I have been looking back.  In this I realized I am an excuse monger or was.  First milestone is 2 half years cancer free and second is 2 years smoke free.  My quit date...
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  • Updated Bio!

    Sorry for the confusion in bio. I updated it so now it's beautiful!
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  • Help

    I need help it feels like there is only so much help someone can offer me when I'm in the mood to smoke. But I feel like. A failure just got done smoking and tomorrow's my quit date. I'm struggling. I feel like I shou...
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  • Good morning

    Hi all,     Happy Saturday!!  How is it going?  Soon it will be December.  The month is coming to an end.  I do not have anything planned for today.  Do you?       Wh...
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  • Welcome: Introduce Yourself!

    If you're just joining EX, we'd love for you to get in the mix and tell us a little bit about you in a comment. Don't know what to say, tell us what you're up to right now. Then be sure to fill out your Community Prof...
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  • ...when you...

    When you almost smoked last night but didn't and today you feel like a bad-ss.    (feel free to follow w your own "When you...")   Here's one I read the other day: When you put the right side into the...
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  • What was on the menu today?

    Let's share what we prepared for our Thanksgiving Dinners, I will start.  Well, I live in Denver and the Covid-19 cases are on the rise and have required us to stay home and practice social distancing. I am sing...
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  • Good morning

    Hi,     Happy Friday!!  I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.  My apartment is decorated and my Christmas tree is up.  We are about to celebrate why there is hope in God!!  It’s...
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  • Need Pulmonary Rehab

    Went to pulmonary doc today. It’s been getting harder for me to do things and breathe. I do one thing and rest. The stairs leave me breathless. He said my COPD and Emphysema is worse and sending me for tests. Bl...
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  • Survey Says!

    Kept this during my Quit.  Thought some of you might find the numbers interesting.     Gallup Survey -------------------- Since 1977 the Gallup organization has conducted an annual "Consumption Habits"...
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  • Update Low Dose CT Scan for lung cancer screening.

    Hi there.  Your friendly LDCT enforcer here, with my latest results from follow up on my lung cancer.   As noted in this thread Low dose CT scan for lung cancer screening, I was diagnosed with lung can...
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  • Lung Cancer Spread To Brain

    I have posted this every year at Thanksgiving in memory of our Quitnet friend. Jessicaybar, aka Janet Wells who was a very real quit buddy to those in early in Quitnet (now defunct). She was 42. We both had cancer tha...
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  • Good morning

    Hi everyone,     Happy Thursday!!  And a happy Thanksgiving!!  We all have much to be thankful for.  Today I am putting up my Christmas tree and decorating the apartment.  I have a turke...
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