• In What Order Do You Put The Following Tools To Quitting Successfully?

    I'd like to see what your choices are. Please take a moment to explain your choice of order, as it appears you can only vote for one.   I will explain my choice of order after we get a good amount of responses.
  • Did you see the No Mans land roll call this last Sunday. June 18?

    I got no replies, and according to the count I can see, very few views.  Was just wondering if people saw it. The Ex Community has been acting odd on my end, so I thought I would just check.
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  • Rewards

    How important are rewards (badges and points) to your quit?
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  • Daily posts, where do current members want to post?

    I feel we basically have two ways of communicating, through blogs which we have done for ages or through discussions, which the home page directs you to when it asks if you want to "share" something.  Which do we...
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  • Who are we?

    We are a grand and diverse bunch, those of us who share our quit journeys here at the excommunity. I'm proud to be part of this group. I call myself an EX. When I think about you guys, I think, "EXers." So help me out...
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    I'm curious who are you cheering for this Smoke Free Super Bowl Sunday?
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  • Are You Happier Quit?

    If you have Quit Smoking for more than One Month please tell us if you are happier! We want the Just Quitters to know what to expect! 
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