I had a SMOKEMARE last night -  so I am telling on MYSELF right away - it wasn't even a cigarette in MY SMOKEMARE - I was trying to light up a paper straw and I kept asking MY friend to give ME a REAL cigarette t...
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  • Today's Funny

    Hi friends. Today was a pretty down day but it's getting better. I woke up this morning & decided to apologize to my elderly mom because I lied to her. Something I strive to never do to anyone, especially her. Mis...
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  • Day 67, here we go

    I had a wonderful victory today, day 67 of my quit, out in public.   It used to be, if someone struck up a conversation with me in public, I would slink back just a touch and try not to get my breath on the pers...
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  • OLD smells of nicotine 

     Hmmmmmm - All this week I have been smelling OLD scents of cigarette smoke and the OLD stence of a filled ash tray - I just kept thinking n.o.p.e and yesterday I noticed a SALE on MY brand of Marlboro red pack a...
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  • Just for Today 

    Just for TODAY I will make a decision to n.o.p.e Just for TODAY I will think of how I will be kind to each person I meet Just for TODAY I will be responsible for MY feelings and NOT let them lead ME around running MY...
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  • Be gentle with yourself 

    I was so hard on MYSELF for stopping smoking and smoking again and again - the vicious cycle of MY addiction and for over 38 YEARS - I tried and tried to stop smoking - I tried the nicotine gum - I tried throwing my c...
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  • New On The Journey

    Hi! I'm Peggy and this is me reaching out! Yea me!
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  • WE get to 

    Yahoooooooooo- WE get to choose to have a good n.o.p.e. day - Richard who was RIPPED out of this life on october 13, 2020 was a NON SMOKER for 16 YEARS - he just celebrated his smober anniversary - Jaime did a gofundm...
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  • My Girl's

    My girl's are steady growing.  They eat out of the Grandkids hands now. They eat,drink.alot . My husband said those girls are mean. So chickens can recognize 100 faces. My husband doesn't believe that he said if ...
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  • Day 3!

    Woke up today feeling great! I’m not having any cravings like the last 2 days! I am feeling like myself today and not irritable or sensitive. I know many others have a harder time and I wish I could take some of...
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  • My opinion on Vaping/E-Cigs

    Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things to do in life. When quitting the one thing that happens to always come up is Vaping or E- Cigarettes. When I stopped smoking the first time this is the route I chose. It w...
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  • Day 1

    Another day 1. Getting real tired of the eternal struggle I seem to have with nicotine. I made it to almost 3 years, I thought I was free. In the year and a half since then i have quit and started again at least 5 tim...
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  • I need to quit...now

    Hi, I’m new to this site. I have been smoking for years and have quit several times and started smoking again for one reason or another. I have COPD and recently getting worse. I’m a determined person and ...
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  • Prayers needed 

    Please pray for OUR President and his precious wife - they both tested POSITIVE for covid19 - thank you ALL who choose to pray
  • Happy Autumnal Equinox everybody. 

    It's Fall!!! Coolish mornings, mid 50's. Clear blue skies highs mid 70's. Would be perfect to sit outside of it weren't for the stupid ragweed.... ugh.... my enemy.... On the bright side.... since I'm not smoking ...
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  • Seventeen Questions

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  • It's a frosty morning!

    It's a frosty morning here in the Maritimes brrr at 30 degrees at 6:30 but it's supposed to warm up later on we covered the tomatoes and whatever else we could last night knowing that we were under a frost advisery wh...
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  • A Decent Restart

    No major complaints after a fairly long yet successful Day 1. Hit a few pieces of gum this morning. May do so again tonight, not sure.   I haven't smoked on my house or car for about 20 years. Also was able to m...
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  • Congratulations Mandolinrain

    I am popping in to wish a Happy 6th Year Anniversary to Mandolinrain. I got the privilege to meet her on our last trip to Va Beach. She is such a sweet person and very talented. She has used her God given talent ...
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  • Are you OK?

    How is everyone doing? I heard about the hurricane and bushfires in America. It's kinda close to home for us here in Australia also having to be in a remote area reasonably close to fire-prone bush-land and sometimes...
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