Febuary 4th 

Blog Post created by indingrl on Jan 27, 2021

S.I.N.A.O. for ME - ONLY by MY Daddy Gods grace n.o.p.e. over any of MY RAW REALITY - on this coming - February 4th - MY ma turns 89yrs old and she has been in HOSPICE since June 19th 2020

MY husband and I sent a small flower bouquet to be delivered by February 2nd - also at MY sister Jackie request in THE group text - is for EACH of us to send a picture with birthday cards - so that when Jackie is reading to Ma the birthday card she will be holding up the picture of the person who sent it -

MY ma has pressues sores appearing on her - this happens with laying in bed even though she is being turned and repositioned throughout tge day and night - pressure sores happen to ALL hospice patient's

I will NOT -  just for TODAY -  use MY ma pressure sores around her ears -  as an EXcuse - to eat WHITE WITCH SUGAR to cope with MY WILD EMOTIONS of being powerless to -  STOP DEATH from coming for MY ma or the FACT -  I cannot CHANGE MY ma slowly dying for the PAST 7 MONTGS IN HOSPICE

I will continue to pray and STAY a non smoker dealing with life on life's terms -  moment by moment - as I accept the FACT - MY ma is NOT going to better

 I am a RECOVERING NON SMOKER and a RECOVERING sugar addict - for SEVEN DAYS - NO cakes or pies or donuts or cookies to fill MY PIE hole with to NOT FEEL - to eat MYSELF into NUMBNESS with SWEETS - and ONLY by MY Daddy Gods grace in MY Lord Jesus name I will stay SUGAR FREE - amen

please I am talking about ME not YOU or anybody else

Thanks for letting ME share