Day 67, here we go

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Feb 21, 2019

I had a wonderful victory today, day 67 of my quit, out in public.


It used to be, if someone struck up a conversation with me in public, I would slink back just a touch and try not to get my breath on the person. This morning, I went to Joann Fabrics to order some fabric since I ran out while cutting out a summer outfit. Two different people talked to me and I, fearlessly, talked to them! I didn't move back. I didn't semi hold my breath. I was right there in the conversation not worrying about smelling like smoke. I didn't even realize until afterward what had just happened. 


I have to say it was a boon to my quit. I was proud again. I texted my daughter and told her and she texted back her pride. (I've mentioned how she's one of my biggest cheerleader.) 


New people, pay attention. It's the little things that cement your quit. After those first 10 days while you're detoxing, your life changes. You're freer to be yourself. You don't stink!


On the way home, I played a song several times and sang out loud, holding out the tune as long as I could as a kind of breath training. I was just happier than hell and it required singing, you know? 


Now I'm home and getting ready to do some busy work around the house. 


And so.... I crow!



Day 67