That's all thats left

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Oct 16, 2020

Those are the words of MY daughter when we finished cleaning her Fathers room out at the express inn - he owed 23.00 and some change but they wrote it off - they said who dies from falling and we loved your Father he was a good man and friendly to everyone he met -  then MY daughter in between cleaning and throwing out her Fathers stuff she smoked - it isnt a bother to ME I just keep praying for her and MY other daughter in florida called ME and said Ma I am smoking MORE than I ever did and I said well maybe your saying goodbye to smoking - she said hmmm - FYI - they BOTH know of this recovery site for NICOTINE HELP and NOPE365 too - the seeds have been SHARED by ME - isnt it amazing the FEW items left when SOME people die - Richard left HEARTS filled with memories of eating with family and going out enjoying life at football games and baseball games and vacations with his adult children and grand children and OH how he LOVED singing to his friends and family - EVERY year he would call ME on MY birthday for over 33 YEARS and sing happy bday to ME - Courtney and Jaime are making arrangements for the final goodbye and OH what a meal WE will share talking about the GOOD hearts filled with memories as WE shed LOVING TEARS and the HEALING laughter throughout the sharing and I believe that is MY Daddy Gods grace and love and joy and peace given to EACH of us to keep moving forward and to know in OUR hearts - WE will see him again in MY Lord Jesus name amen - Richards friend Bob came to get his wheelchair which the girls gave to donate - Bob said to Jaime and called Courtney to share that their Father saved his LIFE over 30 YEARS ago in a recovery group and their Father HELPED his 92 year old Father in the assisted living place Richard lived at for a few months - Bob said Richard showed him the ropes at that place - they both loved Richard and will miss him - He was a good guy- thanks for letting ME share OUR broken hearts and great saddness at letting go of a loving Father and friend - day by day WE let go aittle MORE and key God grow US each day to LOVE more ALL who WE meet day by day and to - ALL of you - WE thank again and again for OUR Daddy God blessing US with you and your prayers and I say thank you ALL for teaching ME......





........I HOPE everyone has a GOOD n.o.p.e. day in MY Lord Jesus name amen