Please be kind to everyone 

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Oct 11, 2020

Today I as blessed with 3566 NON smoker days and was able to pay off some debt with 44, 575.00 monies saved from NON smoker living and 3 years 9 months of NEW life saved living nicotine free and ONLY by Gods grace - one breathe at a time - day by day and 178,300 unsmoked DEATH STICKS - I am so grateful for ALL of you here and for Joel teaching ME at and Jeannine at NOPE365 for teaching ME last month- to be kind to eveyone -  who is trying and practicing in their OWN way to quit smoking and live full of gratitude for nicotine freedom days- I am grateful to MY Higher Power - who I call MY Daddy God giving ME this day ONLY to get through by never taking another puff ever over me or MY day - whatever it may bring just for today and  - to be a solution giver NOT a complainer of all the different ways people quit - I am grateful to Bill - who taught ME -  when I complain about ME or YOU- tben I am complaining about Gods handiwork - I believe God created everyone and EACH person quits their OWN way and I want to be a positive loving cheer leader that is celebrating EACH person in MY Gods grace and love - by using what I was taught - these different slogans -  to HELP throughout MY day -  n.o.p.e - is a good slogan and s.i.n.a.o. is another good slogan which was taught to ME by Jackie and MY brother Dale keeps ME asking questions to get ME to learn to STOP and bite into a lemon peel and all -  to HELP through MY negative moments as I deal with my ma in her hospice stages since June 19th of 2020 and to think - am I helping or hurting - MYSELF or others -  by what I am thinking about doing at this moment and also I am grateful to have learned from Joyce and to remember what she taught ME through her spiritual teaching to STOP and think - what I am thinking about and also from Bill who also taught ME - to ask MYSELF  - am I being part of the solution or am I being part of tbe problem - I am part of the solution today and I believe - WE -  are all in this - TOGETHER - please be kind to everyone - thanks for letting ME be ME and sharing MY experince strength and hope and I pray everyone to have a good n.o.p.e. day in MY Lord Jesus name amen - gentle hug