Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Oct 10, 2020

I saw all the warnings about smoking YET it didn't phase ME ....... until I saw the becomeanEX - their t.v. commerical in October of 2010 - which lead ME here and to - OH I am so gratefu to MY Daddy God for answered prayer - please I am talking about ME - I was educated by those ELDERS here who SUGGESTED to blog BEFORE I chose to suck on death sticks over NOT getting MY way to manipulate and control people - I was a big Pride baby - I made excuses to smoke - please I am talking about ME -not anyone else - I took that first puff over people or places or things or situations or circumstances of life that happens to all peoples - so I prayed really hard and surrendered MY pride by admitting to MY higher power - who I call -  MY Daddy God to save ME - because I use to judge people and complain about people - that was MY OLD NICOTINE ADDICT MIND - now today God has given ME a NEW Christ mind set on MY Lord Jesus way of thinking loving towards all people - just like HE does - some peoples are harder then others for ME -  so I must practice at being loving and kind to the harder people -  please I am talking about ME not anyone else - TODAY -  I take the SUGGESTIONS -  to take what HELPS to stay a NON smoker -  just for TODAY - it may work for you and it may not - the ELDERS said just keep EDUCATING myself -  just for ME - not anyone else - everyones quits are different - so take what HELPS and keep reading the blogs -  to learn NEW ways of thinking and learn NEW ways of letting people be themselves - even if the great indingrl -  does not agree with their way - MY pride kept ME smoking as I used people as MY excuse - then I learned to take what HELPS and let go of the rest - let people have their own way of staying nicotine FREE  - WE - all of us-  come from all walks of life - NO ONE is perfect or knows what EACH heart has been through so take heed and be kind to ALL here and maybe MY way is not for you so keep searching until you can find a similarity you try and NOT search for a difference in staying nicotine free-  WE are all in this together so read more blogs there is plenty to choose from - be kind and loving toward ALL - dont complain about others because it is not done like you would do it - move to be an encourager and HELPFUL - if you disagree with the blog your chose to read - then STOP and read another blog - all this EDUCATION from the ELDERS here and today -  October 10 , 2020 - I am so grateful to those who EDUCATED ME and some are in heaven now and those who suggested to read  - Dr Hurts blogs then read Dr Hays and read some of the EXteam blogs  - taking what HELPS you and remember - ALL others used nicotine to cope for different reasons - EDUCATION was offered for a NEW way of living nicotine FREE - I like reading the everyday blogs -  which taught ME to learn NEW coping skills with handling life on lifes terms - there were SOME people -  just like ME -  coping with their personal fears and insecurities and STAYING nicotine free - learning NEW ways to be kind to ALL people and - for ME -  all the ELDERS here have kept ME coming back to share -  HOW -  I never take another puff over ME by sharing MY experience in HELPING -just one person - only one day at a time -  by being kind and loving and taking what HELPS to stay a NON SMOKER and all these YEARS of n.o.p.e. living is good even when I gotta remember - just for TODAY with ALL you ELDERS still coming here - thank you for your leadership living just for a good N.O.P.E.  day in being kind to one another taught to ME by a NEW friend in this 2020 world of chaos - by ALL of you-  walking your talk - I appreciate ya'll