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                        My original brain was clean,

                        neat and tidy..


                        My addicted brain is not clean,

                        Not neat and untidy..


                        I will live in addiction..

                        I will live when I come out of addiction..


                        The difference is huge

                        In later case I live my real life..


                        The difference is huge

                        In later case I live confidently..


                        The difference is huge

                        In later case I live mindfully more..


                        The difference is huge

                        In later case I am back to my original brain !!


                        The difference is huge

                        I am backed by my original brain, neat and tidy..!!



Am I there? No.. No

Posted by green1611 Sep 11, 2020

I come in the balcony every day morning, and I see him, the man in his 70s. He comes out of home at this time. Looks around, no one on the street, goes little ahead, catch up his cigarette, lights it, smokes in a hurry, and return back to home in ten minutes.

I see him again in the afternoon, and again in the evening. .. Everyday No change ! what changed may be the colours of his outfit. 

He must be feeling proud, that he does not smoke in his home, (wife and young two children are not passive smokers at least),

and I feel, at least once in a day,  he must be feeling guilty as well because he is slave !


I would have been in his place, had I not quit in Nov 2013.... I feel so relaxed, so free, and so much feel good factor in the mind!  And I thank this community every time, for timely support for successful quit !


Gratitude List

Posted by green1611 Jul 23, 2020

During my initial days of quit smoking, made Gratitude List.. not exactly same but similar ..

(Completed 2431 days now !)



Where is smoking, cigarette in this?


It is good to make for self.... easy step to quit smoking, (for new joiners)..


All the best !


International Yoga Day

Posted by green1611 Jun 18, 2020

International Yoga Day is coming up and I wish, some of you would be doing some or the other activity on that day. 


Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I was away for few weeks. Nothing special, was just away from pouring social media.


I will never forget initial days of my quit ( 26/11/2013), and I owe my quit to this wonderful community...and also to the active Yoga. Since then very happy Ex Smoker, enjoying life.


As of now made successful attempt to three people (friends) to live with out nicotine. All three are happy too...


Hope to be active in coming days !


Take care.



Posted by green1611 Mar 18, 2020



Having read William Shakespeare in college days, never felt this glorious talented writer expressed feelings in so powerful few words.


I remember the days when I was smoking. During those days, at least once in a day, it could be more than once, but at least once a day, the  question used to come in mind, I am smoker, To be or not to be… ?  Why do I smoke? Am I doing right thing? I must quit. Immediately the next moment the great (?) taste of that cigarette used to get spoiled.


Days would have passed, so the months, and may be years, the question use to trouble while smoking …to be or not to be.


So one fine day, back in November 2013, I decided to come out smoking habit. Initial couple of days gone in ambition, determination, anxiety blaming cigarette smoking. How good you feel, when you quit smoking etc.


Then came the hardest times of cravings, and once again this question came in mind “to be or not to be?” a Ex smoker? No, really not. Better to smoker again. Every moment is troubling me, I look in the mirror, my face used to look like zero, my energy was drained down the water, my feelings were absurd, tongue did not taste better, boredom across the life, so on and on…


Because cravings were killing me, from within and out, and what we call no man land (or no mind land? ) etc were absolutely pulling out of quit smoking decision. Ex Smoker.. To be or not to be? And many times the answers were stop this madness of quit smoking. Rather be happy with your smoking habit.


Either way to be or not to be..hmmm


Persistent no no no to nicotine continued post November 2013.  As the days passed, weeks passed, months passed, I do started asking.. to be or not to be?


And the answer from with in my mind was Yes,

to be Ex Smoker… and Not to be Smoker ..!

I used to  relate smoking to an activity I.e. having cup of coffee, dinner, etc. I think all smoker relate this way. This is alright and does give trouble after quitting. For each of such activity, the cravings makes us nervous initially. However gradually get used to do such activity without cigarette.


Secondly, I use to relate smoking emotionally.  I see nice sun set over rolling clouds, and I would have smoked earlier. So next time when I see beautiful sunset, I like to smoke then.  Or, while in public place met the friend you like,  unexpectedly, and you feel so nice. After brief talking, I used to go smoke, just remember that meeting.  Another example is ..In a week there were two calls (Thursdays and Tuesdays) with stakeholders. I used to smoke definitely  before such call, and if I did not do that, the call used go bad..some or the other way. This way I related smoking to phone calls.  One more example is Anger…if I am angry, best was to go to smoking place, and light cigarette.   Many such examples I can think of on emotional relations with smoking. 


Second type of relations are really thin line between quit smoking and relapse. Emotional relations make quitting challenging.  Just to clarify further.. I used to think, ok, I am not smoking before my weekly phone call, and really the call did not go well. So I must smoke first, then think of why the discussions did not go well? Or when I am angry, and did not smoke, but next time I am going to smoke, can not resist. etc. Such relations were more troubling during first two three months. 


So started thinking positive, and got some trick. To avoid emotional craving , I used say Not Now… Even if cravings are disturbing to the great extent, I used to say Not Now….Not smoking. No no no. At least not now, and during whole of day today, I am not going to smoke. 


Believe, this “not now”,  attitude paved way to come out of cravings …It helped me a lot.


I will be completing 2300 days of successful quit in next couple of days.


So thought of sharing with you all.


Cigarette .. Yes I can..

Posted by green1611 Feb 26, 2020

I wish you go out of my mind..

I want you out of my body..

I want you go out of my chest..

I must say to you go go go...


I see you every where

I see you on my bed table

I see you on coffee table

I see you in the mirror

I see you falling down from stair

I see you on windscreen

I see you my workplace scream

I see you even when I am thinking

I see you when I am crying

I see without you I forgot laughing !


I am sure, I am sure!

You will go away from me

Some days, some days

One day at at time

I will drive you out of known universe..

I will make it happen


I will have my black coffee without you

I will have my post lunch time without you

I will have my breath without you.

I will have my laugh without you.

I will have peace in my life..without you..

I will make it happen


For the EXcellent people here !

by green1611..


Lose your friend

Posted by green1611 Feb 24, 2020

Getting together  for coffee and cigarette, evening time gossip, get together, and smoke, important discussions, call a friend face to face, go to coffee shop, and smoke, travelling together with friends and smoking. I had many friends


When I quit smoking, obviously, next few days my smoking friends were annoyed. Some of them were happy, that at least I am trying sincerely, some were confident that I will start smoking in few days, and some were giving me hard times like calling to talk when they were smoking, party time etc.


I was anxious, if I would miss some of my best friends, who were smokers, and they continue to smoke, while I am trying to quit.


It was long battle for me, on one hand keep the friendship with best friends, and not join them for smoke. 


I decided lose friend, if it comes to, but say NO to smoking !!


I succeeded, and reality would have lost a few friends due to quitting.


Your views and experience welcome.


“Believe ..."

Posted by green1611 Feb 20, 2020

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” -Theodore Roosevelt


I joined EX after few days of my quit. Means, I was suffering initial days of quitting, cravings, fear, sleepless nights etc., and I joined this excellent EX.


Looking at EX site, people here, their pics etc, I used to feel, that whether I can quit smoking like these stalwarts? How can I do that? No I will not be able to do. I have quit already, but very soon, I will have to smoke, because life without cigarette smoking was punishment, so to say.


I use to read above quote from Theodore Roosevelt daily, which was written some where in the community.


I related that to this EX site. EX smokers believed in themselves.  And therefore they are successful in quitting.

If, I do not believe in myself, how I will be successful? Roosevelt is right, believe in you....believe in you.


From that moment, the day changed, looking at fear of addiction changed, confidence gained, believed in me, I can do it, I will be able to quit. Great Ex people, and great quote by Theodore.


Today I am 2277 days smoke free. ..All the best to new joiners, and those who are still struggling to keep quit.




When I Think of a Cigarette

Posted by green1611 Feb 18, 2020

When I Think of a Cigarette
© Angela Moten


When I think of a cigarette,

I think of the seven thousand chemicals
that would rush into my mouth and
burn their way into my once healthy lungs.
I think about that nasty taste, that nasty
ring of polluted air I would create in the
space around my body. I think of the
looks of disgust given by those close by.
I think of those who politely stepped
away from me, and those who not so
politely stepped away.


… …



When I think of a cigarette,

I no longer lust its poisonous pinion,
my senses have returned (and improved).
I smile at the recognition that I am a winner.
My sanity has returned. I am strong. I
have garnered the lessons this addiction offered.
I have unveiled the truth – I am neither
victim nor fool. In the wake of a once
destructive force, I stand victorious -
captain at the helm – punch my fists up in the air.
Rejoice in my new found freedom.



... ...


From net..thought of sharing !!


Happy Valentine's Day



No to smoking, Quit Quit Quit smoking

After quitting .. remember NOPE, NMW...


Love to all Ex community members !


Proud of you!

Posted by green1611 Feb 6, 2020

I used to share with my son,  all my feeling, cravings, difficulties in quitting and everything related to quitting smoking. He remembers still it was six years back.


Below message received from my son, sometime back after my six years quit. 




Thank  you for quitting and making your life healthier !

Proud of you !



Ex community - Please open the link, skip Ads, and watch TED ED Lesson worth sharing.


New Joiners..huge inducement to quit... and the complements from dear ones are invaluable...


All the best!


becomeanex...way to life

Posted by green1611 Jan 17, 2020

Becoming EX !


Be ready.. as is an art!


Easy made steps of


Cessation smoking


Opting to choose,  and


Moulding yourself with




Addiction quitting program, then say


No to slavery, take


Empathy by helping hands and


eXcel life to lovely SMOKE FREE ZONE..

Few quotes on quit smoking...I liked.


Quit smoking or die trying.

    Ur craving is temporary; but improvement to your lungs is permanent !

    I quit smoking for my heart; and the hearts of those I love!

     The best time to quit smoking was the day you started; the second best time is TODAY!


I wrote these and kept in front of me in office, car, home, and in mind !


All the best to new joiners


2240 smoke free day!


A B C D .... I

Posted by green1611 Jan 9, 2020

New Joiners ...

1) Avoid overthinking ...what ever thoughts come to your mind about quitting, try to write down, and leave them there.


2) Be positive and calm.


3) Call for help from family members, friends, Ex Smoker site


4) Do not forget why you wanted to quit !  

    (Write down yourself three reasons and keep those in car, office or workplace, home, your mobile note pad.)


5) Eat well, take enough rest, and express yourself.


6) Future is for worry about future without cigarette.


7) Go out for walk (or indoor walking), believe it helps brain to sustain nicotine absence.


8) Hesitate to touch cigarette, Hesitate going to old smoking places, Hesitate participating boozing parties.


9) Introspect - observe your own mental and emotional process


 Above I suggest based on my experience of quitting....


All the best new joiners......