Looking back BUT still moving ahead!

Blog Post created by MarilynH on Jan 23, 2021

We all have a have bad days as well as our good days plus we have certain dates that get us looking back and reminiscing about times gone by! January is a difficult month for me my Moms birthday is today she would have been 81,three days from now on the 26th it'll be nine years since she passed away then on the 28th we had the funeral which is on my Mother in laws birthday as well as one of my great neices birthday so January is bitter sweet BUT I know my Mom is at peace I was there when the nurse pronounced the time of death she passed in her sleep at 2:33 am in the morning I'm thankful that I could be there with her....Life happens whether we smoke or not and relapsing isn't an option anymore RIGHT! We can and MUST make the CHOICE to remain Smokefree there's no reason good enough on the face of this earth that's worth screwing up a perfectly beautiful quit! 

Here's a picture of my Mom, Mason and me, my daughter Mandy took this picture which is the last picture that was taken it was 21 days before she passed. She was in a Manor because she had so many health issues she was on oxygen 7/24 for several months before she passed .....She was a heavy smoker BUT did quit after breaking her hip 6 years before she passed away! Our lives are worth so much more than the damned Cancer Sticks!!!!! Mason wasn't even 3 in this pic, he'll be 12 the end of March, I'm also a recovering alcoholic and didn't even have a full year of sobriety And boy oh boy did I want to DRINK BUT I knew that I had to stay sober for my Dad so that's just what I did and I'm heading towards 10 years of Sobriety......

I'm also thankful for the memories of the last six years of her life because we bonded previous to that just wasn't a good mother daughter relationship BUT those last years I could be there for both my Mom and Dad and was able to put the bad times behind me so I help my Dad care for Mom my Dad and I have a strong bond he's now 84 and doing well.